Nursing Home Abuse – The Stories You Don’t Want to Hear

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nursing homeMaking the transition to an assisted living facility or nursing home is never easy. It becomes particularly troublesome, though, when you begin to take a look at the statistics.

Nearly 3.2 million people live in care facilities across the U.S. Unfortunately, the National Center on Elder Abuse reports that 1 in 3 of those facilities have been cited for violations and nearly ten percent of the elderly population has been abused. Perhaps what’s even more frightening, though, is that 91% of care facilities lack the staffing numbers needed to properly care for patients.

Horrifying Stories

While there are plenty of stories out there of patients who were physically or sexually attacked within the care facility, there are just as many who were simply neglected. There are cases almost everywhere of medical problems continuing or getting much worse because the staff didn’t bother to administer medication or look at the potential problem. There are even stories of patients injuring themselves when no one was watching, then the staff refusing to treat the individual’s injuries for fear of litigation.

Keeping a Careful Watch

There are plenty of excellent care facilities throughout Florida and the United States, and helping your parent or loved one find the right one isn’t hard. Once admitted, though, be sure to visit frequently to prevent problems. Watch for signs of abuse and neglect including infections, malnutrition, bed sores, unexplained injuries, and a sudden difficulty with emotions.

If you do suspect neglect or abuse at the hands of a nursing home or other care facility, it’s essential to contact an attorney immediately. There is a statute of limitations on cases like these, so talking to an attorney about your concerns and suspicions is the only way to make certain your loved one receives the care and compensation he or she deserves in these disheartening cases.