Pharmaceutical Drug Liability: What You Should Know

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Personal InjuryIn personal injury law, there are a number of topics that arise in case after case each year; drug liability is one of them. Among the most common complaints made by plaintiffs include those having to do with pharmaceuticals.

Medications are consistently the source of much debate in courtrooms throughout the country because of the unintended side effects that are found only after members of the public take them for long periods of time.

Even after passing significant testing and US FDA approval, drugs can be found to have poor interactions, can fail to do as promised, or can cause unexpected health complications. It is the nature of the business, but that doesn’t mean that individuals should be left to suffer.

Unfortunately, there are some drugs that are known to cause negative side effects in patients, but those complications cannot be avoided, regardless of how careful the manufacturers are. At times, the drugs are still used by St. Petersburg patients because the negative aspects are greatly outweighed by the positive. Consider how poorly chemotherapy medications affect a person, but also the life-saving purpose they serve.

If a medication is given the “go-ahead” despite the known side effects, it is up to the manufacturer to alert the end user of the potential complications that could be suffered as a result of usage. The manufacturers are expected to test the product to great lengths to ensure its safety and learn all possible side effects. Failing to do so can leave the patient at risk and can, therefore, land the company in the courtroom for drug liability.

If you find that you have suffered as a result of a medication prescribed by a doctor, speak to a personal injury attorney in Saint Petersburg to learn more about suing pharmaceutical companies to recover the costs associated with further medical expenses and lost wages.