Proper Holiday Decoration Storage Can Save Lives

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Personal Injury LawyerIt is important to understand that, with the end of the holiday season in Saint Petersburg upon us, storing seasonal décor items it not a chore to be taken lightly. To prevent accidents that could land you or a loved one in the hospital or even lead to a courtroom appearance, one must pack responsibly and avoid hazards.

Some Christmas decorations, artificial trees, and other materials are highly flammable. Be sure that you are aware of this fact and package them responsibly, away from heat sources that might be found in a spare room, closet, basement, or attic.

Artificial trees can also draw unwanted pests in St. Petersburg. For best results, pack these materials in plastic bins or bags, away from baseboard, registers, and heat sources. As well, holiday candles can safely be stored in tube socks or fabric and placed in the bins with other decorations.

Another hazard to avoid is breakage. Pack small ornaments and other fragile materials in a well-padded box or bin. Ornaments improperly stored can break and injure a person searching through the storage in your home. Even the hooks used to hang Christmas decorations can be very sharp.

Bubble wrap, newspapers, or even old bath towels can be used to cushion the ornaments within a bin or box. Be sure to label the container appropriately, so heavier items aren’t placed on top of it.

Finally, it must be noted that holiday lights damaged during storage could be an increased fire risk when reused. All you need to properly store the twinkling signs of the season is an old cardboard box, wads of old newspapers, and a plastic lidded bin (very inexpensive at retail stores today). From the box, cut rectangles of cardboard with a slit in one end. Wrap the lights around the cutout and thread the end through the slit to hold it in place. The wrapped lights can then be placed carefully in a newspaper lined bin.

If possible, keep others out of storage areas where teetering bins, heavy boxes, and other potential threats could cause serious problems and the need for a personal injury attorney.