Are Sick Workers Pulling Your Company Down?

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Product Liabilty‘Tis the season of sickness and millions of people are finding themselves down and out with a cold, virus, or the flu.

Unfortunately, this country depends on workers showing up each and every day. Pressures from employers and fellow co-workers will often lead the ill to make the commute to work, despite their body’s protestations.

While some employers, including some in Saint Petersburg, may believe that these workers are the most valuable sort – the ones who ignore the symptoms of illness and show up to do their job anyway – that is not the case. Sick workers place themselves, their co-workers, the company, and consumers at risk.

They put themselves in harm’s way when they ignore their fatigue, which can make them less efficient drivers during the commute. Illness impairs the body and brain, which makes them more likely to make mistakes that could cause injury or worse. Furthermore, working while ill, rather than resting, is only asking to prolong the symptoms of the illness. The stress that they place on their bodies can inhibit the immune system.

However, it is not just the sick worker being harmed by the decision to report for duty. It also puts the business owner or manager at risk because having sick people at work can deplete company morale and create a greater likelihood of mistakes reaching the end user. Those errors can cause product malfunctions and, in turn, lawsuits.

Co-workers are in danger of catching the illness, which breeds more fatigue and more potential for blunders. A sick worker increases stress in co-workers, as well, because they then feel as though they must follow suit when sick themselves.

Most importantly, customers are put at risk when sickness in the workplace is expected. There is an increased risk of mistakes being made, which could cause products to malfunction. A great enough error could cost a St. Petersburg consumer his or her life.

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