Sunscreen: Know What You Are Putting On Your Kids

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Product LiabilityAs summer sets in and the warm weather envelops St. Petersburg, there is a lot of opportunity to spend hours under the sun. Of course, for parents, this is a concern as well as a welcome advantage of the warm season. Kids can often go an entire day never stepping foot inside the house, except to use the bathroom or grab a snack, making sunscreen very important.

When young bodies are hitting the pool and picnicking outdoors, it is necessary to think about sunscreen. Skin protection is very important and the consequences of leaving it to its own defenses are better understood than ever before.

2012 Recall Still Haunts Parents. While it is important to lather up every so often as you enjoy the warm summer sun, there is reason to think twice before choosing the sunscreen that you apply. Last year, as the summer was drawing to a close a news story was released that frightened parents all over the country.

A leading brand of sunscreen was recalled after at least five people literally saw their skin ignite. Banana Boat spray sunscreen was recalled in October 2012 and many sought the advice of personal injury attorneys. The company has reportedly corrected the problem and its products are on the shelf yet again this year.

Knowing the Facts. Of course, we can feel semi-safe that we aren’t going to combust upon application, but many sunscreens make claims that they cannot back. Many physicians and scientists agree that labels are misleading, especially those claiming protection greater than SPF 50. There is also concern revolving around “waterproof” skin protection. In the heat of Saint Petersburg, children are often in and out of pools, lakes, and other bodies of water during the day and sunscreen can wash off.

Experts concur that it is best to choose the SPF 50 or 50+ and re-apply regularly. If skin shows signs of redness during the day, it is wise to protect the skin with clothing or shade.

Florida is the perfect state for sun and fun, and St. Petersburg offers a variety of activities to enjoy both. Skin cancer is, unfortunately, a concern that we all need to be conscious of, however, as one in five people develop the disease in their lifetime.

You can reduce your risk of getting skin cancer due to overexposure to the sun if you: 1) wear a hat or head covering; 2) apply a good sunscreen correctly (remember your face, neck, head, and ears); 3) cover your skin from time to time with longer/more clothing; and 4) remember to find shady areas to escape to once in a while. Something else to think about is tanning booths. Even one treatment exposes your skin to UVA and UVB rays, and that increases your chances of developing skin cancer by 20 percent.

Other products that can help prevent sunburn include all natural alternatives and water-block products. Read the ingredients with care and research them online, if possible. Some products even try to protect the natural marine beauty of the Florida coasts and safeguard the environment with the ingredients they use.

Whatever your choices to enjoy the summer sun and fun on the beaches and around water, be aware of the possible dangers some sunscreens may present. If you are harmed by a product because it hasn’t held up to its claims, talk with a personal injury attorney.