Water Park Safety Tips

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Water parks are synonymous with super summer fun. Water park safety, on the other hand, is another story. To many families, summer hasn’t arrived until your first slip down the tunnel slide into the bright blue wave pool, the sun blazing overhead and the sounds of kids laughing and playing all around.

Make sure your trips to the water park are all this and more by ensuring you and your family are safe and protected – while having the time of your lives. Parents take charge and take a partnership approach with water park staff to ensure your family’s visit exceeds expectations. If you do encounter a situation where legal representation is advised, contact a personal injury attorney.

Here are a few simple, practical safety tips to get the most out of your water park visit.

Never leave your children, particularly toddlers and less experienced swimmers, unattended. Watch closely. For older children, never let them run around alone, either. Have a buddy system in place so everyone knows what to do. As a family, study the park map closely so everyone is familiar with the park layout in St. Petersburg or wherever you may decide to visit a water park.

Additionally, have a plan in place with an adult companion. There may be times in the park where children will be temporarily alone, such as bathroom breaks or waiting in the snack line. Coordinate with your adult companion to prevent your child being unattended. Similarly, some rides require you to slide solo, so stationing an adult at the bottom of the slide will ensure kids are watched by a trusted adult.

Have children less than four feet tall wear secure, properly-fitting life vests. If none are provided or you’re unsure of the fit, bringing your own is a wise move. Learn how to use PFDs (personal flotation devices) and make sure the PFDs are in solid working order for good water park safety.

Be sun savvy. Don’t let damage from those bright rays cut short a day of fun in the sun in Saint Petersburg. Apply sunscreen before you arrive and reapply it to everyone throughout the day. Bring along loose-fitting, comfortable clothing, including hats and water shoes for when you’ve had too much sun. Closely monitor your family’s sun exposure – particularly toddlers and young children.

Hydrate smart. Bring along plenty of fluids and make sure the family powers up throughout the day. Avoid sugary and caffeinated beverages, which can quickly lead to dehydration in a sun-filled day. Take breaks and watch for signs of fatigue or thirst.

Follow park-specific rules. The park staff and management know the park down to its smallest details and have established rules designed to ensure park guests have a safe and fun experience. Encourage your kids that the adventure and excitement of the park is not in breaking the rules, but through enjoying all the attractions to the fullest and in a safe and happy way, to maximize water park safety. Know the location of the skilled lifeguards who are fully trained to provide immediate assistance.

Remember hygiene. Toddlers should wear waterproof diapers. Only change diapers in designated locations. Anyone with diarrhea should not swim. Encourage kids to avoid swallowing water and getting water inside the mouth at all. Wash hands often and take frequent bathroom breaks. Come clean to the park by showering before and after your visit.

By following a few simple rules for water park safety, you and your family will be sure splash into fun all summer long.