Florida is a state known for its bustling cities, vibrant beaches, and numerous attractions that draw millions of tourists every year. However, amidst all the excitement, there is a growing concern about the high rate of truck accidents in the state. Unfortunately, truck accidents in Florida have become all too common, with devastating consequences for those involved. The state’s unique geography, high traffic volume, and large number of commercial trucks on the roads all contribute to the problem.

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In this blog post, we’ll explore why truck accidents are a serious problem in Florida, the impact they have on victims, and what can be done after an accident occurs.

A Floridian involved in a motorcycle accident fills out their injury claim form.

The Cliff Notes: Key Takeaways From This Post

  • 1
    Truck accidents account for 18% of injury-causing and fatal accidents reported in the state each year.
  • 2
    The roads of Central Florida have become increasingly dangerous due to distracted or impaired drivers, inadequate vehicle maintenance, or unsafe infrastructure.
  • 3
    Despite additional FMCSA regulations, violations still occur all of the time – including driver reluctance to stop for rest breaks – leading to dangerous decisions on the road.
  • 4
    Common injuries resulting from truck accidents include broken bones, traumatic brain injuries, serious neck injuries, torso/chest trauma, internal bleeding and more.
  • 5
    Victims of truck accidents should always seek medical attention right away.
  • 6
    Liability for truck accident claims can involve the driver or trucking company or even a third party.

Why Are Truck Accidents More Severe Cases Than Car Accidents

In Florida, truck accidents are especially dangerous because of the number of semis that share the roads with smaller vehicles on highways and interstates. Due to the size and weight of trucks, they often cause much more destruction than a regular car accident. Trucks can easily crush smaller vehicles and cause devastating injuries. Trucking companies are also subject to different laws and regulations than other drivers, which is why it’s important to hire an experienced attorney if you’ve been injured in a truck accident in Florida.

Truck Accident Statistics In Florida

Truck Accidents Statistics Vs Other Types Of Accidents In Florida

In recent years, there were 382,445 total crashes reported in Florida. Of these crashes, commercial vehicle accidents accounted for 18% of all the injury-causing and fatal accidents that occurred. Additionally, large trucks accounted for 4 percent of the total number of injury-causing and fatal crashes.

This data shows that truck accidents are a significant problem in Florida and can cause more serious injuries than other types of motor vehicle accidents. Furthermore, there were 11,500 total fatalities from all types of crashes reported in 2020. Of these fatalities, 429 were caused by commercial vehicle crashes while 4 percent were caused by large trucks alone.

Why Central Florida Highways Have Become So Much More Dangerous

Central Florida is a bustling hub of activity, with many highways leading in and out of the area. Unfortunately, this also means that there has been an increase in truck accidents on these roads over the years. The most common causes are distracted or impaired driving, inadequate vehicle maintenance, or unsafe infrastructure along the roadway.

Common Causes Of Truck Accidents In Florida

Driver Fatigue

Driver fatigue is one of the most common causes of truck accidents in Florida. Truck drivers are often pushed to their limits, and can become fatigued while driving long distances. This can lead to distractions, slow reaction times, and impaired judgment.

Distracted Driving

Distracted driving is becoming increasingly common on the roads of Central Florida. Many truck drivers still use their cell phones to talk and text while behind the wheel, despite the clear dangers associated with this behavior.

Vehicle Maintenance Issues

Problems with vehicle maintenance can also contribute to truck accidents in Florida. Poorly maintained brakes, tires, and other components can lead to dangerous situations on the road. It is important for those operating trucks in Central Florida to ensure that their vehicles are regularly inspected and well-maintained at all times.