• Florida State University, 2011


Hello, my name is Stephen Trevathan and I’m the CMO at Herman & Wells in Pinellas Park. Marketing truly is my passion and I’m ecstatic about the opportunity I have here at this unique law firm. It’s my responsibility to craft a genuinely engaging marketing strategy that will set us apart from the legion of personal injury and insurance dispute law firms in Pinellas and elsewhere around Florida.

My background is in digital marketing strategy and project management, so I’m used to wearing a lot of different hats and finding creative solutions to solving business challenges. That’s an important aspect of what I bring to the table as the Chief Marketing Officer for our law firm. Additionally, I’m a bit of an extrovert, so you’ll likely find me rubbing elbows at networking events or volunteering with local non profit organizations when I’m not at our headquarters in Pinellas Park.


After graduating from college in 2011, I planned on going to law school. I took the LSAT, applied to several schools across the country, and was set to enroll in the fall of 2012. With 10 months on my hands, I wanted to get a job to get some professional experience before starting. This is when I got the opportunity in a vastly different, but very exciting industry (digital marketing).

What started as a part time internship soon set me on a completely new path and career direction. I loved the creative problem solving skills required to be successful in digital marketing. It’s a career that really rewards autonomous, driven individuals with bold visions. So when fall 2012 came around, I made the risky decision to not enroll in law school.

Now I’ve been in marketing for over 10 years and I have not had what one would call a traditional career path. It has taken me across the country and back, and I have had the opportunity to work with businesses in a wide range of industries. This included law firms with a range of practice area specialties. Over the years, I had never lost my attraction to the legal industry. This only grew as I started to get some experience working with personal injury law firms.

Hillsborough and Pinellas counties are (in my opinion) the most competitive locations in the country for personal injury law firms. It’s an incredibly motivating challenge for any passionate marketer, but my struggle was I never felt I had the time I needed to truly solve the challenges of my legal clients when working within the confines of the typical marketing agency/client relationship. It didn’t matter whether it was my own outfit or when I was working at a bigger digital marketing firm.

So when I got the opportunity to join the Herman & Wells team full time, this was literally life-changing for me! We have an incredible team of lawyers at our firm who are passionate about their areas of expertise and actually have the skills required to successfully advocate for our clients. Of course, none of our attorneys would be able to succeed without our talented team of paralegals and administrative staff. I’ve spent enough time working with other law firms to know that what Jason and Cliff have built here is truly unique and special. It’s an absolute pleasure to get this opportunity to share that with our community!