Personal Injury Attorneys Serving the LGBTQ Community in Pinellas

For our lesbian, gay, bi and trans friends, finding a lawyer that will work hard for you without judgment is important.  While having a strong trial attorney in your corner is necessary to get what you deserve, there are some great attorneys that are not friendly to LGBTQ+ clients. You deserve representation from an attorney that treats you with respect and understanding.

LGBTQ client working with Pinellas personal injury law firm

Get the Right Legal Help After a Car Accident or Injury in Pinellas 

This happens too often: You are sore, you have questions about your treatment, getting around, changes in your life, hobbies, work, your future, and how you are going to pay for it all. 

If you hire a lawyer to represent you for your injuries, they should spend the time it takes to explain this to you. 

At Herman & Wells, one of our lawyers meet all clients in person for the initial meeting and as the claim evolves.

We invest a lot of time walking our clients through the process. Obtaining insurance coverages of the person responsible, witnesses, security footage, monitoring medical progress, answering questions about property damage, drafting letters to the insurance carrier, and if necessary, filing suit and going to trial. We believe everyone deserves a lawyer and staff who treat clients with respect during this process — and that is sadly not always the case. That’s why we are committed to respecting, learning from, and listening to our LGBTQ+ clients.

True Board-Certified civil trial attorneys have spent thousands of hours poring over ways to convince juries to empathize with their clients.  There are only about a thousand of us in Florida. Hopefully, you choose one that has found themselves winning more and more trials and money over the years (we have). 

One of the ways we have found effective in getting our clients the most recovery is to get the jury to embrace differences between themselves and the injured plaintiffs.  Find an attorney that is able to apply those skills to your case. 

Find a lawyer who has the experience and positive reputation among the insurance carriers. They will be taken seriously when your claim is made. We have handled claims against every major insurance carrier in the state of Florida and each one of them knows that Herman & Wells works hard for each and every one of their clients. 

If you have been injured or have had a loved one killed at the hands of a negligent person or company, please call Herman & Wells. You can expect us to tell you what to expect and how to go forward. The consultation is free, and if we represent you, we won’t get paid unless we obtain a recovery for you.

Case Results

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Our client, a teenager, was severely injured as a passenger. After gathering the evidence, we persuaded all of the insurance companies involved to resolve the case for our client.

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A business did not maintain its staircase, which caused our client to trip and fall down the stairs. We sued the business for her injuries and were able to resolve her case.

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