Reggie Evans

Paralegal in Pinellas Park

If you’ve worked with a personal injury lawyer in Florida, then you also had a paralegal assisting them on your case. Many people don’t realize just how essential skilled paralegals are for the best law firms. That’s why we’re so fortunate to have a talent like Reggie Evans as a member of our team in Pinellas Park!

Reggie has been working at Herman & Wells for the better part of 2 years now and originally started out as the receptionist. His incredibly warm and engaging personality instantly endeared him to anyone who called or visited the law firm, but Reggie had made it clear from the start that he wanted to eventually move into the paralegal role. Since he graduated cum laude with a degree in paralegal studies from St. Petersburg College, it didn’t take long for him to get his opportunity.

Reggie Is an Avid Camper When Not at Work

Originally from Charleston, S.C., Reggie moved to the St. Petersburg/Pinellas area in 2005. When he’s busy supporting Lauren Pozna with her personal injury cases, Reggie and his partner love to go camping. While he’s been camping since before he could walk, Reggie found a renewed passion for this pastime during the pandemic. The world in general has become a more stressful place during the last 2 years, but camping allows him to really unplug and recharge his batteries. Working as a paralegal in today’s world can be quite challenging, but he always manages to greet his clients with a smile on his face.

What Separates Herman & Wells From Other Law Firms in Pinellas

Herman & Wells is not the first law firm that Reggie has worked for. Before joining our team, Reggie Evans worked at a large law firm where he felt more like a number and not a valued member of the team. There was also very little interaction with clients and that wasn’t a good fit for his personality or professional skill set. Reggie spent time researching other law firms in Pinellas, Florida and soon came across Herman & Wells. Our mission statement coupled with the reviews from previous clients painted the picture of a very different personal injury law firm. He was very intrigued and decided to apply for a job.

Personal injury client sits down with paralegal, Reggie Evans

Meeting with Jason Herman and Clifford Wells ended up being one of the best interview experiences he’d ever had. The partners made him feel at ease and really encouraged him to ask deeper questions in order to learn more about what the firm’s values and long term goals are. The interview confirmed that this was the type of law firm he had been seeking. Of course, he also made a significant first impression on Jason and Cliff, who called him within 45 minutes after the interview to offer him a position the Herman & Wells.

The Genuine Team Culture at Herman & Wells is so Important for Reggie & Our Paralegals

Reggie left his job at a large law firm, because he felt like a number and not a valued member of the legal team. At Herman & Wells, Reggie loves that the culture strongly supports genuine teamwork and learning amongst the attorneys and the members of the staff. This is one of the essential elements that allow us to continually improve as a firm and provide the best possible results for each of our clients. Reggie really appreciates that members of the firm will come together to support one another when needed or to review aspects of their work. This encourages a culture of being more open and empathetic. This is the type of culture that makes Herman & Wells stand out from other personal injury law firms in Pinellas, FL.

“When you hire us, you’re not just hiring that one attorney. You’re hiring an entire team that truly cares and is doing their very best to make sure you get the greatest possible outcome for your case.” – Reggie Evans