Warren Duffy

Attorney Specializing in Florida Personal Injury & Insurance Dispute Cases

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Growing Up in a Small Massachusetts Town

I grew up in a small town in western Massachusetts. When I say small, I don’t mean like one traffic light small, our town actually had 3 lights.  I grew up surrounded by people who knew my family and were willing to help when it was needed. This sense of community has always been extremely important to me and it motivates me to go that extra mile to recover for my clients.

Like many attorneys I went to law school because I wanted to make a difference, to stand up and fight for the little guy. For many attorneys these ideals often have to take a backseat as new lawyers try to earn a living or compete for a limited number of positions. Fortunately, I was able to find a home with a unique law firm in Pinellas Park that shares these values and is willing to fight for those who have been treated unfairly by insurance companies.

How I Help Clients with Personal Injury Claims and Insurance Disputes in Florida

Consultation with insurance dispute lawyer, Warren DuffySometimes, this means I’m suing a home or car insurance company because they unjustly denied a claim, or they are trying to get away with paying less than is owed. Other times, I’m answering questions and providing legal guidance about policies, coverage options, how to file a claim, or just demystifying the process for policy holders. Dealing with a loss to your home or automobile can be crippling as you wait for an insurance company to call you back with a decision or amount that they are going to pay.

I may not have heard every excuse from an insurance company, but I’ve heard a lot of them! Sometimes, just explaining the process or confirming what the insurance carrier should be doing is all that my clients are looking for.

Providing Clear Feedback and Guidance 

Herman & Wells focuses on insurance coverage and personal injury. While we don’t take every case, we take the time to fully evaluate every case. If there isn’t anything I can do for your case, I’ll tell you why instead of just telling you no thank you. You deserve to receive clear feedback and guidance regarding your case. Whether it is clarifying a confusing situation that is still legal an insurance company may be allowed to do what it is doing, or more often, why they are wrong and what we can do about it.

Helping My Clients Analyze Their Entire Insurance Policy 

An insurance policy is a really long and complex contract. The companies know that their policy holders don’t read them, in fact most people don’t have a full copy of their policy to review when they pick a company and pay their premium. I’m one of those people that reads everything. School fieldtrip waiver form, yep I read those. Hotel cancelation policy, every time. Insurance policies are no different. They are not all the same and they change constantly. Every case evaluation begins with analyzing the entire policy in conjunction with caselaw, to determine if your loss should have been covered.

Injury Claim Denied or Dealing with a Property Damage Claim Dispute? Call Herman & Wells

If your claim has been denied, or more often if it has been covered, but the amount you receive isn’t enough to make the repairs, call me. I will listen to what happened, how the adjuster treated you, and discuss the relevant area of law that may allow us to fight your claim decision. I’ll also explain the process going forward, so you know what happens next, and, after that. Some surprises are wonderful, like a spontaneous vacation or a new car with a bow at Christmas, but when you’re fighting with your insurance company and living in your damaged home, the last think you need is another surprise.