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Are you a Tampa resident suffering from injuries due to a defective product? If so, you may benefit from the expertise of experienced product liability attorneys. Product liability involves cases where a manufacturer, wholesaler, or retailer is held liable for injury caused by their products.

As specialized attorneys in this field, we understand how difficult it can be to prove and fight these types of cases – that’s why having an experienced legal team on your side is so important. Here at our law firm we provide personalized attention and tailored representation to ensure that our clients receive the justice they deserve.

Read on to learn more about our services and how we can increase your chances for success with your product liability claim.

Product liability attorneys identified a faulty switch as the root cause of the house fire in Tampa.

The Cliff Notes: Key Takeaways From This Page

  • Product liability claims in Tampa, Florida can arise from defective medications, auto part malfunctions, and toxic food or containers.
  • The legal process for product liability claims in Florida involves a thorough investigation, claim preparation, filing the claim, negotiation, litigation, and settlement or judgment.
  • Successful product liability claims require meticulous evidence collection, clear demonstration of harm caused, and strategic legal representation.
  • Recent changes to Florida statutes have shortened the statute of limitations for product liability claims to two years, making it more urgent for victims to seek legal redress.
  • If injured due to a defective product in Tampa, Florida, it’s essential to contact the experienced product liability attorneys at Herman & Wells for a consultation.

Choosing The Right Product Liability Attorneys In Tampa

Selecting the right attorney for your product liability claim in Tampa can significantly affect the outcome of your case. It’s crucial to choose a firm with experience, proven success, and a deep understanding of product liability laws in Florida. Our legal team possesses these attributes and can provide the dedicated support and vigorous representation you need.

Our Experience With Product Liability Claims In Florida

We’ve been handling product liability claims in Tampa, Florida for over two decades. Our vast experience has equipped us with comprehensive knowledge and deep insight into the intricacies of Florida’s product liability laws. We’re prepared to diligently navigate your case, leveraging our proven track record to strive for the optimum outcome.

What Constitutes A Product Liability Claim?

A product liability claim arises when a consumer sustains an injury due to a defective or dangerous product. It can be based on three issues: design defects, manufacturing defects, or insufficient instructions or warnings about the product’s potential risks. Understanding these categories can help you determine if you have a valid product liability claim.

How To Make A Product Liability Claim In Tampa

To initiate a product liability claim in Tampa, the process involves several critical steps. Each of these steps is designed to bolster your case and present solid evidence of the damages caused by a defective product.

Step 1: Document The Product Defect

The first step involves thorough documentation of the defective product that caused the injury. This includes taking photographs of the product, the defect, and any injuries incurred. It’s also prudent to keep any packaging, instructions, or receipts related to the product.

Step 2: Seek Medical Attention

Immediately seeking medical attention following the incident not only ensures your well-being, but also provides crucial medical records that can serve as evidence of injury. It’s important to follow all medical advice and treatment plans to illustrate the severity of your injuries.

Step 3: Consult With A Product Liability Attorney

Consulting an experienced product liability attorney in Tampa is crucial. They can evaluate your case, guide you through the complex legal landscape, and help formulate a compelling claim.

Step 4: File A Claim

Your attorney will assist in filing the product liability claim, ensuring all necessary details are included and that it’s submitted within Florida’s statute of limitations for such cases.

Step 5: Negotiate Or Litigate

Following the filing of your claim, your attorney will negotiate with the at-fault party’s insurance company. If a fair settlement is not reached, your attorney is prepared to take your case to court, striving for the justice and recompense you rightly deserve.

How Herman & Wells Can Assist With Your Product Liability Case

Investigating Your Product Liability Claim

Our team at Herman & Wells will commence a thorough investigation of your product liability claim, examining all aspects of the case. We gather and analyze all relevant evidence, from product information to medical records, to build a robust case. Our comprehensive approach ensures that each claim is meticulously prepared, thereby maximizing the potential for a favorable outcome.

Building A Strong Case For Compensation

At Herman & Wells, we endeavor to construct a compelling case for each client, aiming to secure the compensation they deserve. By collating evidence, scrutinizing the product’s defects, and accurately quantifying your loss, we present a strong case that effectively illustrates the extent of the harm caused by the defective product. Our detailed, strategic approach is designed to pursue the highest possible compensation for our clients’ product liability claims.

Common Types Of Product Liability Cases In Tampa, Florida

Defective Medical Devices

In Tampa, Florida, defective medical devices represent a common type of product liability claims. These cases involve medical implants or devices that fail to function as intended, causing injury or harm to the patient. This could be due to design flaws, manufacturing errors, or inadequate instructions or warnings provided by the manufacturer.

Dangerous Pharmaceuticals

Another frequent cause of product liability claims in Tampa involves dangerous or defective pharmaceuticals. These occur when a medication causes harmful side effects not disclosed by the pharmaceutical company, or when the drug is improperly labeled. Such cases require proving that the harmful effects outweigh the drug’s intended benefits.

Auto Part Malfunctions

Auto part malfunctions also lead to a significant number of product liability claims. These cases often involve malfunctioning brakes, defective airbags, faulty ignition switches, or tire blowouts that result in car accidents. Proving that the defective auto part directly led to the accident and subsequent injuries is critical in these cases.

Toxic Food And Containers

Finally, toxic food and container cases are also prevalent in Tampa. These cases involve food products or containers that cause harm due to contamination during the manufacturing process, or because of unsafe materials used in their production. In such cases, victims need to establish a direct link between the consumption of the contaminated food or use of the unsafe container and their health issues.

The Legal Process For Product Liability Claims In Florida

In Florida, the legal process for product liability claims is a systematic procedure designed to protect consumers’ rights. It begins with an in-depth investigation of the incident, followed by filing a claim and potentially negotiating or litigating the case. This complex process requires strategic planning and execution, often necessitating the expertise of a knowledgeable product liability attorney.

Steps In Pursuing A Product Liability Lawsuit

Step 1: Thorough Investigation

This is the initial phase where all elements related to the case are meticulously investigated. It involves gathering all the necessary data, which includes medical reports, product details, witness accounts, and any other relevant evidence that can strengthen your claim.

Step 2: Claim Preparation

Once all the evidence is gathered, the next step is to formulate the claim. This includes quantifying the loss and damages you have suffered due to the defective product. Citing specific statutes from Florida law that support your claim can add weight to your case.

Step 3: Filing The Claim

After the claim is prepared, it’s time to file it within the designated court. This has to be done within the time frame specified by the statute of limitations in Florida. Failure to do so can result in the dismissal of your case.

Step 4: Negotiation

If the defendant is willing to negotiate, this step involves dealing with the defendant’s insurance company. The aim is to reach a fair settlement that covers your medical expenses, lost wages, and other damages.

Step 5: Litigation

If a settlement cannot be reached, the case goes to trial. Here, your attorney will present your case, aiming to prove the defendant’s product liability. This phase might involve the presentation of evidence, witness testimonies, and expert opinions.

Step 6: Settlement Or Judgment

The final step in the process is the resolution of the claim. If the case was settled, the agreed-upon amount will be paid. If the case went to court, the decision by the judge or jury will determine the final outcome.

Strategies For Successful Product Liability Claims

Successful product liability claims in Tampa, Florida require a combination of thorough evidence collection, clear demonstration of harm caused, and strategic legal representation. It is imperative to employ a diligent approach in every phase, from investigation to litigation, ensuring that each step is meticulously carried out.

Negotiation And Litigation Tactics

When considering negotiation and litigation tactics, it’s crucial to remain firm yet flexible. An effective negotiation tactic is to fully understand your case’s worth and maintain that valuation during discussions while also being open to reasonable counteroffers. During litigation, an effective tactic is presenting a compelling narrative that ties your evidence together, showing how the defective product directly resulted in your harm.

The Impact Of Florida Laws On Product Liability Cases

Understanding New Florida Regulations And Statutes

Recently, significant changes have been made to the Florida statutes, impacting the way product liability claims are managed in Tampa. The most notable alteration is that the statute of limitations for these claims has been shortened to two years, creating a tighter timeframe for victims to seek legal redress.

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