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In Dispute Over a Hurricane Michael Insurance Claim in Georgia

If you experienced damage from Hurricane Michael in Georgia, there’s a chance your insurance company owes you compensation. It can be very difficult to get the money you deserve to rebuild and go on with your life after damage from a hurricane. Insurance companies make relief more difficult than it should be. As Floridians, we sympathize with the aftermath of a hurricane, and we do not charge a fee up front to help you with denied insurance claims and underpaid insurance claims. You only pay if we win you compensation for your Hurricane Michael insurance claim.

As Floridians and homeowners, we understand the stress and anxiety of dealing with hurricane damage. You can trust our team to guide you every step of the way, from reviewing the damage to your home to helping you understand your options.

Our Law Firm is Highly Experienced Handling Denied Hurricane Insurance Claims

For anyone living on or near a coastline, the risk of a hurricane is just something that is part of life. We are a family-oriented practice, and we sympathize with rebuilding after Hurricane Michael. Property damage and loss make it incredibly hard to rebuild and move on with your life. We want to get you through the process of dealing with your insurance company as quickly and smoothly as possible. You’ll deal directly with the attorneys on your case, and we’ll take the time to make sure you understand what you’re doing, what we’re doing, and how your case is going.

If your insurance claim has been denied or underpaid after Hurricane Michael in Georgia or Florida, contact us for a free evaluation or call us directly at (727) 821-3195. We’ll have an easy, fast, no-strings-attached conversation about your Hurricane Michael insurance claim and what we might be able to do to help you.

Our Insurance Dispute Lawyers Can Help With The Following in Georgia:

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Denied Hurricane Claim

Our client’s tile roof was damaged by debris hitting it during a hurricane. The insurance company refused to pay anything. We sued and recovered for our client.

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Underpaid Commercial Insurance Claim

Hurricane winds damaged our client’s apartment complex, causing roof damage and interior water damage.  The insurance company paid $100,000, which was not enough money to cover the cost of repairs.  We filed a lawsuit against the insurance company and recovered an additional $228,000 for our client, bringing the total payment up to $328,000.  This allowed our client to fully repair the storm damage.

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