Hail Damage

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Hailstones are balls of ice that form during thunderstorms until they become heavy enough to fall to the earth. Hail can cause serious damage to roofs, screens, skylights, exposed metal components, and automobiles.

Most insurance claims for hail damage involve asphalt shingles and screened enclosures, such as pool cages. Screens can be punctured by hail. Asphalt shingles can be damaged by having granules loosened and knocked off by the hail. This can lead to problems down the road as the asphalt layer is no longer as protected and will break down more quickly in the sun and weather, eventually leading to leaks.

Why are some hail damage claims underpaid or denied?

We see insurance companies refuse to pay the full cost of repairing hail damage for a number of reasons. Some insurance companies claim that there is no hail damage, or that the damage all happened before they started to insure the property. Other insurance companies hire engineers who say that the damage isn’t severe enough to be “real damage.” Sometimes we even see insurance companies try to deny that there was a real hailstorm, even when other houses in the neighborhood were impacted and the insurance companies for neighboring homes paid to replace their roofs.

You can challenge your insurance company’s decision on a hail damage claim

Insurance companies make wrong decisions every day and you don’t have to just accept whatever the insurance company tells you. You shouldn’t just accept the insurance company’s decision and move on. Many insurance claims are denied when they should be paid. Many more claims are only partially paid. Adjusters leave damage out of estimates, don’t evaluate all the repairs needed, and use lower prices than what homeowners have to pay to fix their homes.

We see denial letters that we disagree with on a regular basis. We challenge wrongful denials, and we demand that insurance companies pay what is owed. We also hire engineers and roofers who can independently evaluate losses and tell us whether the insurance company’s engineers were right or wrong.

$25,000 settlement for roof damages caused by hail

Paying for roof repair after hail damage

If you aren’t 100% satisfied with how your insurance company is handling your claim for hail damage, we can help. If your insurance company wrongfully denied your claim or paid too little, we can help you recover the insurance policy benefits that you are owed. Consulting with us is free, and there is never any cost unless you actually recover money or repairs from the insurance company.

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