5 Often Overlooked Hazards on the Road

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Sign for road work in Pinellas, FLOver and over again, the media mentions the importance of staying sober behind the wheel and putting down the smartphone while driving, but there are a lot of potential hazards lurking about the highways and many of them are regularly overlooked.

1. Animals. In or out of the car, animals can be a big problem on the road. Dogs, cats, and other pets allowed to travel without restraint can become a major distraction for the driver. Accidents have occurred many times because a puppy jumps into a lap unexpectedly or a cat nuzzles in against the gas pedal.

Outside the vehicle, animals aren’t offering any better help. With only their glowing eyes to give them away in the darker hours of the day, animals can skitter onto the road from any direction without warning.

While this is certainly a bigger issue in the rural areas of the country, more and more often urban areas like St. Petersburg are being impacted by over-population of certain species. As a result, carcasses find their way to the side of the road, while cars are towed and passengers speed away under flashing lights.

2. Road Construction, or Lack Thereof. The term “poor road conditions” often conjures images of rain, fog, and gray skies, and therefore, a lot of potential overlooked hazards. However, the road can be equally dangerous on dry days when it is in poor repair. Potholes can cause flat tires, disrupted alignment, and other such trouble with vehicles. Poorly marked construction zones can leave workers and drivers in harm’s way. Even freshly paved roads that were not properly engineered can leave carpoolers in regular danger.

3. Sun. It’s warm, inviting, and the center of many great summertime events, but the sun can also be a great hazard on the road. Drivers who are not properly equipped with sunglasses and visors can find themselves temporarily blinded when the sun is at a certain point above the horizon. This has led to many accidents in the past and the need for a personal injury attorney to defend against financial loss.

4. Kids. We do everything we can to protect them while on the road, but they can be the cause of accidents as well. Parents are often distracted while driving because kids are arguing, crying, asking questions, or otherwise demanding attention from the backseat. While DVD systems can certainly provide entertainment, even they have proven a risk for parents of young children. They can frequently find themselves switching movies or fast-forwarding through opening credits while driving.

5. Wind. On occasion in Saint Petersburg – as is the case in all corners of the country – wind can become an issue and strong gusts can push vehicles around on the highway. Large trucks and vans are at an even greater risk as there is more surface area for the winds to latch onto. It is important to understand that this is a very real threat.

While you may only slightly feel the push of the gusts in a passenger car, the vehicles that you travel alongside may be more prone to its impact. As with any other example of poor weather conditions, it is always advised to drive slower and to keep a greater distance from other automobiles in high wind situations.

Regardless of the reason, it is always wise to seek necessary medical attention immediately after a car accident and then, as soon as is possible, to call a personal injury lawyer to discuss the circumstances of the crash.