Alcohol Impacts on the Body

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alcohol-1342726-m (1)Had a few drinks recently? In an effort to bring your body back to its preferred state of equilibrium, the liver will begin to break down the alcohol almost immediately. In doing so, it puts off a chemical byproduct called acetaldehyde. Unfortunately, this isn’t a welcome presence in the body either and can result in the sweating, headaches, nausea, and vomiting well known to those who have suffered hangovers before. The effects of alcohol impacts are made worse by alcohols with high levels of congeners (most common in dark liquors and red wines).

Hangovers are only one small part of the alcohol impacts on the body, however. In fact, a hangover – though it can be serious in some instances – is minor compared to some of the effects a person can experience as a result of heavy or regular drinking.

According to the CDC, there were more than 25,000 alcohol-related deaths in 2010, not including car accidents or homicides.

Brain Damage.Have you ever consumed enough alcohol to black out? Unfortunately, it is not an uncommon experience. But, it is very dangerous. Not only can a person do a wide assortment of risky, questionable things without being fully conscious of the choices made. Personal injury attorneys are far too familiar with what people can do behind the wheel when they have reached this state. Worse yet, over the long term, large amounts alcohol consumption can lead to lasting brain damage, which impacts memory and one’s ability to learn.

Cancers.Cancer is a leading cause of death in this country. It has claimed far too many lives, impacting nearly every American on some level. Alcohol impacts are a leading cause of mouth and throat cancer, as well as having a big impact on whether or not a person develops liver cancer.

Heart Health. Regular drinking causes a rise in blood pressure, which is also known as hypertension. Monitoring blood pressure has long been a big concern among the medical community, as it has been determined that hypertension can drastically increase the likelihood of heart attack and stroke.

Lung Health. Alcohol, which travels the blood stream, naturally finds its way to the lungs. Regular exposure leads to an increased risk of pneumonia. Additionally, severe hangovers cause vomiting and the potential for aspiration.

Liver Health. Are you still unsure why you should avoid the St. Petersburg bars when you’re the one doing the driving? Consider, then, the impact of alcohol on the liver. This is the organ responsible for breaking down all the alcohol that you consume. An occasional drink isn’t going to do much harm, and can be beneficial on a moderate basis, but when a person regularly binges, the liver can become inflamed as a result of the added work. Excessive alcohol can lead to fatty deposits within the organ, permanent scarring, liver cirrhosis, or liver cancer.

Stomach and Intestines. Alcohol abuse can lead to ulcers, internal bleeding and cancer in the digestive system. Over time, regular consumption can lead to gastritis, which is a swelling of the stomach lining, which will slow or prohibit the proper absorption of food.

These are only a few of the impacts that too many visits to the Saint Petersburg bars can lead to. Regular binge drinking can result in damage to the pancreas, kidneys, bones, and sexual organs, as well. Consider these factors for the overall health and well-being of your body, as well as what it might do to your driving skills.