Following a motorcycle accident, do you really need to hire a personal injury attorney? Many people feel that hiring a personal injury attorney sounds very expensive. How will you manage those costs when combined with the other expenses on your plate? Should you simply attempt to handle your personal injury claim on your own?

You should always get in touch with an experienced personal injury attorney when you need to file a claim following a motorcycle accident or, indeed, any type of accident. An experienced motorcycle accident attorney can provide a number of advantages as you file your claim.

A Floridian involved in a motorcycle accident fills out their injury claim form.

The Cliff Notes: Key Takeaways From This Post

  • 1
    Hiring a personal injury attorney shows the liable party you are serious.
  • 2
    An attorney can help obtain evidence for your motorcycle accident.
  • 3
    They reveal the true compensation accident victims deserve.
  • 4
    Find an attorney with extensive trial experience.
  • 5
    The injury claim process is much less stressful with an experienced lawyer in your corner.

1. Hiring a Personal Injury Attorney Shows the Liable Party You’re Serious

Many insurance companies, in particular, will start out by offering you a low settlement offer. They may dig in and try not to give you the full compensation you deserve, especially if you choose to represent yourself. In fact, many insurance companies assume that you do not know how much compensation you really deserve for your injuries, and may prey on your lack of knowledge regarding your legal rights in order to reduce their financial obligation to you. In many cases, simply working with a personal injury attorney can help increase the compensation offered by the insurance company. While this does not happen every time, hiring an attorney can often convince the insurance company to take you more seriously.

2. Personal Injury Lawyers Can Help Obtain Critical Evidence For Your Motorcycle Accident

Sometimes, an attorney may find it easier to collect evidence related to your accident, from checking witness statements to accessing video footage, including traffic camera footage, that allows you to view exactly what happened during your motorcycle accident.

An attorney can also help access and process information related to your accident when more than one party shares liability or when you have a more complicated accident claim. Consider, for example:

A Commercial Driver Caused Your Accident

Commercial drivers, including any driver that works for a living, may share liability with their companies for any accident that occurs due to their negligence. Sometimes, the company directly shares liability for the accident: for example, the company may require its drivers to drive in unsafe conditions, force a driver to get behind the wheel while ill or inebriated or fail to adequately background check its drivers. The company may also share liability if it fails to properly maintain company-owned vehicles and a mechanical failure related to that lack of maintenance contributed to your accident.

When a commercial entity shares liability for your motorcycle accident, an attorney may access the company’s records, go through the driver’s logbooks and records, and check for any past accidents caused by that company, all of which can help provide further evidence of the company’s liability in your accident. Accidents with commercial vehicles require, in many cases, a more thorough investigation of the accident itself and what led to it. Having an attorney on your side can help process that information and ensure that you miss nothing in your quest for compensation.

A Mechanical Error In Either Your Motorcycle Or The Liable Driver’s Vehicle Caused The Accident

Mechanical errors can lead to serious accidents, especially in the case of tire blowouts, engine failures, or brake failures. Missing tail lights or windshield wipers can also significantly increase the driver’s risk of causing an accident.

When a mechanical error contributes to an accident, your attorney may work to evaluate how that error or failure occurred.

  • Did the failure occur due to a manufacturer’s error?
  • Did the failure occur because of a mechanic’s failure to properly repair the vehicle?

In the case of a failure caused by the manufacturer’s error, you may have grounds to file a personal injury claim directly against the manufacturer of the defective part or vehicle. An attorney can help determine if the manufacturer knew about the issue and distributed the part anyway. An attorney may also evaluate whether others have suffered similar accidents due to that type of failure.

In the case of a failure caused by a mechanic’s error, the attorney may further investigate that mechanic. Did the error occur due to direct negligence? Did the mechanic, for example, fail to properly secure a part or, worse, cause damage to the vehicle while conducting repairs? The attorney may also help determine whether the mechanic has a past history of causing dangerous damage to other vehicles.

A full investigation on the part of an attorney can help turn up all parties that may share liability for your accident and provide you with vital evidence that can help you file your personal injury claim.

A Floridian involved in a motorcycle accident fills out their injury claim form.