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almost-on-the-move-458659-m (1)Happy holidays from the team at Herman & Wells.  We want to wish everyone a happy, healthy Thanksgiving.  As one final reminder, before you set off from Saint Petersburg, heading out to see your loved ones, we also wish to say, be safe on the roads.

Time for a Tune Up? It is the start of the holiday season in this country and that means many things.  It certainly means, for millions, an opportunity to spend special time with friends and family.  However, it also means that many will be on the roads making the necessary commute to be present at those gatherings.  Before you head out, be sure to take the necessary precautions to ensure that your car is ready to make the trip. Many people, in the rush to prepare traditional dishes to share, to buy and wrap gifts, and to finish up last minute work details before taking off, overlook the need for basic car maintenance.  There are several questions that you should be asking yourself before hitting the road.  These include “Is my inspection up to date?” “When was the last oil change performed?” “Are my tires still in good shape?” “Is the tire pressure correct?” and “How often will I have to stop for gas?”  Keeping your car happy reduces the risks that you might put yourself, your family, and others in as you take to the road.

Buckle Up for Safety. After so many years of seat belts being mandatory in vehicles, and with the myriad of alerts one has to remind himself to buckle, you wouldn’t think it would be an issue, but it still is.  There will be millions of car accidents this year and far too many will end fatally.  Of those tragic cases, far too large a percentage will involve a failure to buckle up.  These safety devices are there and ready to assist in the case of an accident, so it is foolish not to put them to use properly.

Think Twice Before Scheduling. Before you even write it on the calendar, think very seriously about which day you plan to leave St. Petersburg for your intended destination.  Many studies have been done to determine that there are certain days surrounding the holidays that are much riskier to drive due to the high levels of traffic on the roads.  If you can leave on a different day or at a different time of day that will mean fewer people on the road, it is wise to do so.  It could save you from suffering due to another driver’s error.

Don’t DWD.  No, this is not a typo.  DWD, in this instance, stands for driving while distracted and it is a major problem in this country – an epidemic of sorts.  Millions were injured this year in car accidents resulting from a driver being otherwise consumed.  Put the phone down, turn off the ringer, keep your radio volume to a reasonable level, and ask someone else to manage the GPS.  If you must give your attention to something other than the road, then please pull over.  It could save a life or two.

Obey the Laws. As a final note, be sure that you are not the one being interrogated by a personal injury attorney.  Obey the laws of the road.  Keep your speed at the posted limits and be respectful of other drivers on the road.  Safe driving will help to ensure that you – and others around you – are able to enjoy the holiday season.