Law Definitions: “Enjoyment of Life”

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Personal InjuryIn the previous post, I approached the topic of pain and suffering. This is a difficult concept for many clients new to the world of personal injury law. In fact, it’s a challenging subject for many personal injury attorneys as well, because it often follows very heavy, heartbreaking circumstances. A closely related term is often used in conjunction with “pain and suffering”; that is “enjoyment of life.” When a person is harmed in a very serious, chronic manner, or when he or she loses a loved one, it can be said that he or she has lost the enjoyment of life.

Essentially, the courts state that this loss occurs when one person’s (or entity’s) negligence results in another person being harmed or facing serious losses that result in the victim being unable to participate in activities that have always brought happiness in the past. In other words, if the defendant cost you the ability to do something you love to do, then you have faced loss of “enjoyment of life.”

As with pain and suffering, determining a monetary figure to attach to this loss can be difficult.¬ St. Petersburg attorneys are familiar with a calculation method based on economic statistics and studies. This can be used to figure a monetary amount to be awarded should a personal lose all enjoyment of life. Then, it must be determined what percentage of enjoyment was taken as a result of the incident in question and this can be multiplied by the figure calculated to determine what value can be placed on the case.

Loss of enjoyment of life is often brought up in cases involving victims of severe burns, debilitating back or neck injuries, paraplegia, quadriplegia, brain damage, or death. It is important to discuss this at length with your Saint Petersburg attorney to determine how likely it is that the courts will award damages for your loss of enjoyment of life and to calculate an appropriate figure for compensation.

Though it will never be enough, the monies can hopefully help you adjust to your new way of life.