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chrome-306985-mOne of the greatest advantages of owning a bike is having the option to take an extended motorcycle trip to explore new areas in a thrilling way. However, lawyers in St. Petersburg are all too aware of how a fun motorcycle trip can turn disastrous if it isn’t properly planned.

Plan Your Trip Around Your Hobbies

Whether you love to hike, learn, or shop on your vacation, a motorcycle trip can accommodate and there is certainly enough to be seen in this country to keep you riding for many years to come. It is wise to sit down with MapQuest or Google Maps and plan a route based on your interests. In doing so, there will be a clear objective with fun activities to break the trip into enjoyable distances.

As part of this planning, you will have to decide if you are going to go it alone or travel with a group. It can be more difficult to reach a consensus when riding with others, but it can also lead to a lasting sense of camaraderie. It is important to note that there are more risks of accidents when traveling in large numbers because of varying skill levels and miscommunication. To avoid the need for a personal injury attorney, be sure that everyone is on the same page and fully adept at motorcycle hand signals.

Daily Mileage Minimums… With Some Slack

Regardless of how you decide to ride – on your own or with others – it is a good idea to have a plan of attack in mind. The reason? You don’t want to get caught 400 miles from home and realize that you only have enough time to drive 200 miles before you are due back at work.

Also, the longer you ride, the more tired and lethargic you are likely to become. Fatigue can easily lead to an accident when you’re on a motorcycle. It is best to be realistic with your daily mileage goals. Planning in advance will also help you locate areas where hotel rooms will be readily available.

Consider Abilities and Weather Patterns

If you know that you are comfortable riding 250-300 miles per day, but you are riding with a novice or you realize there is some potential for bad weather during your travels, do not plan a week’s vacation with the goal of reaching Salt Lake City when you are leaving from Saint Petersburg. Chances are that the beginning rider is not going to be comfortable riding for as long as you are. Even if you are on your own, the weather and other such variables can come into play on your motorcycle trip. Avoid the risk, the chance of serious injury – plan conservatively. Scheduling in a day or two worth of downtime will give you that added luxury of being able to take your time and stretch your legs.

Budget High

Aside from the obvious factors of skill and comfort, there is something else that will play a big part in your trip planning. If you are like the vast majority of Americans, then you’re going to have to budget your trip effectively. There is nothing worse than getting halfway through a vacation and realizing that nearly all of the money is gone. Know your itinerary, be very familiar with the gas mileage of your motorcycle, and have an exact figure in mind of how much you plan to spend. This budget will have to be used for everything, including gas, food, hotel stays, and souvenirs. Also, be sure to have an emergency reserve on hand. It is always wise to bring a credit card along, in case something goes seriously wrong and you need to pay for some unexpected expense.