Ten Crazy Things I Have Seen Drivers Do Behind the Wheel

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mirror carAs a personal injury attorney, I have seen how devastating the impacts of a St. Petersburg car accident can be.  Perhaps that is why it amazes me so that people will take such extraordinary and needless risks behind the wheel.  Among the many crazy things that I have seen drivers do, these ten very likely top the list:

1) Paint Fingernails

I once saw a women with her foot on the dash, painting her toe nails with one hand while holding the steering wheel with the other.  We were waiting at a red light and I could only hope that she was able to paint fast enough to beat the green light.  An amazing feat of flexibility (no pun intended), but certainly not a wise undertaking while driving.

2) Apply Make-Up

Similarly insane, is the act of applying mascara in the rearview mirror while supposedly watching the road with the other eye.  Perhaps you should set your alarm clock a few minutes early so you can do this in the comfort of your own bathroom.

3) Brush Teeth

Skip the onions, broccoli, and garlic at lunch or find a public restroom to brush your teeth in.  Not only is it dangerous to do so behind the wheel, but who wants to have a cup of spit sitting in center console?

4) Put In Contacts

Really? Not only are you driving without the necessary visual aid, but you choose to insert it while navigating the roads?

5) Riding With Leg Out The Window

It’s Saint Petersburg and it gets hot here.  If your air conditioner isn’t working in your car, there are better ways to cool off.  Please keep your feet on the floor, for everyone’s safety.

6) Take Selfies

Yes, you are looking fabulous.  No, you won’t be if you are involved in a car accident.

7) Undress or Get Dressed

Plan ahead, please.  If you really must remove- or add a layer of clothing while on the road, pull over first.

8) Read

I’ve seen people reading newspapers, work files, and even full length novels while behind the wheel.  There are now books on tape and text to voice services for a reason.

9) Allow Dog in Lap

If you love your pet, keep him or her safe.  Riding with a dog in your lap inhibits your ability to see the road clearly and steer effectively.

10) Get Intimate

Everyone deserves a little love in his or her life.  I’m just asking that you find a better place to enjoy it.