The Scary Truth About Motorcycle Accidents

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motorcycle-1449847I have owned many motorcycles over the years. I finally sold my last one a couple years ago, about the time my daughter was born. Preventing motorcycle accidents and motorcycle collisions became a significant priority.

You can cite any statistics you would like.  You can try to explain that helmets should be a choice for all motorcyclists, suggesting that the number of fatalities will continue to fall if more riders wear helmets. The plain truth, however, is there are too many motorcycle accidents on the roads today.  The accidents aren’t always the fault of the motorcycle rider.  In fact, most often the motorcyclist is not at all to blame.  Regardless of the cause of the accident, though, we see far too many people permanently injured or killed in motorcycle accidents.  And many of those accidents happen very close to home, very near my own community in St. Petersburg.

In Panama City, Florida, a 53-year-old woman was confirmed dead after her husband lost control of their motorcycle. She was a passenger on the bike when it hit a large puddle of water and loss traction.  Her husband did his best to regain control of the bike, but, unfortunately, he could not.  She suffered critical injuries and was rushed to the hospital.  It was too late.  The medical team couldn’t save her.

Another story hit social media before the details were even well known, after a motorcyclist lost control of his bike and went down in front of an oncoming car.  Police confirmed that the injuries were fatal.  The victim never made it to the hospital.

Right across the bridge from Saint Petersburg, in downtown Tampa, reports flooded the papers and television screens after a 44-year-old motorcyclist, traveling at unsafe speeds, failed to negotiate a turn correctly.  His bike went down and he was thrown into the guardrails.  He died at the scene.

A teen driver is facing charges after a motorcyclist was killed in Panama City.  The driver of the car who pulled out in front of the motorcycle was a teenager who did not have a valid license, and who left the scene.  She is being charged on both counts.  It was the second fatal motorcycle accident in the city in just one week’s time.

A school bus was involved in a deadly motorcycle accident in Sanford, Florida.  The 63-year-old motorcyclist was unable to prevent the crash after the school bus pulled out in front of him.  The impact was deadly.  There were 25 students on the bus at the time, all of whom will likely be haunted by the aftermath.  Grief counselors are being brought in to help the children cope.

All these accidents happened for different reasons but they all lead to the same consequences.  The end result is that someone will no longer enjoy the thrill of riding, or any of the thrills of life.  It really is essential that, as a motorcyclist, you are super vigilant on the road.  You never know who is driving in front of you or beside you.  You never know who might decide to pull out of a driveway or turn a corner without seeing your bike.

Be sure that you take care on the highways because all the statistics in the world can’t save you if you encounter bad road conditions, a distracted driver, or someone ill-equipped to be driving in the first place.

If you have suffered a motorcycle accident due to someone else’s negligence, get the help of an experienced and well-trained motorcycle injury attorney.  A professional can help ensure you receive the funds you need to cover your losses.  We truly hope those losses are purely financial.