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hammer-1418073-mIn this day and age, saving money is important and very hard to do.  Inflation has skyrocketed in recent decades, while wages remain relatively meager for many households.  As such, there are many families struggling to afford every day expenses, let alone the added cost of home maintenance and car repairs.  Unfortunately, this has led to a growing number of shady contractors popping up that you could hire to work on your project.

People are so eager to save money and to get the best possible price, they place their trust in the wrong hands.  Now, St. Petersburg police are issuing warnings to the public, as more and more property owners and drivers are finding that the shoddy work done by unlicensed workers has cost them far more than planned.

The upfront savings may appear worthwhile, but when repairs are poorly done on a home or car, accidents are more likely to occur.  A person hurt on your property can sue you for medical expenses and lost wages, even if it was the repairman’s fault that the staircase was left in rickety condition, or that the tile floor was unevenly laid.

Injuries can be even more substantial when repairs are not properly managed on a vehicle.  When traveling at highway speeds, a malfunctioning vehicle can result in people losing their lives, or being left permanently disabled.

If you are driving the Saint Petersburg highways and your tire lets loose or the brakes fail, or some other incident occurs during your commute, it can leave you without control of the vehicle.  All it takes is a split second for it to crash into another oncoming car.  That wreck, at high speeds, would undoubtedly result in very serious injuries, if not fatalities.  In turn, there would most likely be personal injury attorneys involved, which would seek compensation from you or your insurance company as a result of you being at fault for the accident.

However, do be aware that you are not the negligent party, and that you, too, can hire an attorney to fight your case – both against the claims of the victims, and against the maintenance company or repair man.  You should not have to pay twice for an ill-done job.

Along the same lines, it is very wise to consult the opinion of a personal injury attorney after suffering an accident that was not your fault.  Rather than accepting the immediate settlement of the insurance company, be sure that you seek legal assistance to determine:

    1. Who was truly at fault: You want to be sure that you file your case against the right party. If a repair service was to blame or the manufacturer of the vehicle is responsible for a malfunction, you should seek compensation from that source.
    2. What your case is worth: There may be costs that you are not considering in the hectic moments and days after the crash, so accepting the initial settlement may leave you with much to pay out-of-pocket. For instance, how much time will be missed at work as a result of medical care and recovery?
    3. What future expenses, related to the accident, can be expected: The costs do not always stop at the moment the lawsuit is filed. Therefore, attorneys will seek compensation for future expenses, which might arise as a result of needing continued medical care, or because the victim is left with mental or physical disabilities that make it impossible to perform his or her job.