Dara Layfield

Litigation Paralegal in Pinellas, FL

Dara Layfield photographed at the law offices of Herman & Wells in Pinellas ParkDara joined the Herman & Wells team as a paralegal in September 2021. With extensive experience as a litigation paralegal in Florida, Dara quickly became an invaluable asset to our insurance dispute and personal injury attorneys.

One of Ms. Layfield’s critical responsibilities for the law firm is coordinating the preparation of essential litigation files. This includes drafting and maintaining legal documents for review/analysis in court. As a paralegal, she oversees case file maintenance from the point a client hires our law firm until the case is resolved. Dara has developed very strong communication skills serving as a liaison between our attorneys and their clients.

She also assists the legal team in the preparation of investigative materials such as reviewing public records, obtaining photographic evidence, and maintaining accurate medical records.

Where Did Dara Receive Her Paralegal Degree?

Dara Layfield completed her paralegal studies at the Gulf Coast College in Panama City, FL. She also has a degree in business administration from Chipola College in Marianna, FL. In addition to being a highly experienced paralegal in Florida, she is also a registered notary. Her educational background and extensive working experience have provided her with strong customer service skills in addition to her proficiency as a litigation paralegal in Pinellas.

A Snapshot of Dara’s Life Outside of the Law Firm

Ms. Layfield is a genuine Florida-grown local from the beautiful beaches of Pinellas County. She fondly refers to herself as a “southern Yankee,” since her father and step-father are from New York, (Long Island & Buffalo) and her mother’s family is southern. Her father was a Marine who fought in the Vietnam War and her grandfather bravely fought for our country in WWII. While Dara has chosen the legal career path, she was raised in the hospitality industry by her step-father & mother. Those experiences have proven to be quite beneficial in her career as a litigation paralegal in Florida. Her clients are consistently pleased by her attitude, communication, and organizational skills.