Keith Stahl

Insurance Claim Attorney in Pinellas

At the start of 2020, I joined the team at Herman & Wells. I focus on helping people fight to be treated fairly by insurance companies. I’ve always focused my work on helping individuals—whether it’s homeowners, business owners, or kids—be treated right within the legal system.

As part of my work on the insurance team, I have helped people with multiple insurance issues, including helping recover insurance money to repair roofs damaged by storms, make up for property lost to fire damage, and fix property damaged by water.

What Made Him Want to Become a Lawyer?

In seventh grade, my language arts teacher assigned the class roles in a mock trial centered around a short story involving a mysterious death of the lead character. I was given the role of defense counsel and realized then that I wanted to become a lawyer.

That path took me through law school and eventually becoming defense counsel, just like in that classroom project. I worked for the Office of the Public Defender in the Sixth Judicial Circuit, which encompasses both Pinellas and Pasco counties. During my time with that office, I handled all levels of criminal cases, from misdemeanor theft to homicide. During my time with the public defender’s office, I spent countless hours on my feet in front of judges and juries.

Following my time serving as a public defender, I went into private practice. I continued to practice criminal law, but also began working on civil cases. Me and my firm also provided pro bono services as Guardians ad Litem for children whose parents were going through a divorce or custody dispute.

What’s Keith Like Outside of the Office?

In addition to my professional life, I am also a husband and father. I am married to my high school sweetheart and together we have two amazing boys. I’m interested in providing our kids with great experiences, watching them compete in sports and performances, and being a part of whatever hobby or video game that brings a smile to their face. My wife and I are graduates of Florida State University and are avid Seminole fans. We love attending concerts, going to the beach, and finding great restaurants.

I look forward to providing my assistance and fighting on your behalf.