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If you have an insurance policy that has not been honored, you have the right to file a dispute.

Our expert legal team helps individuals, property owners and business owners understand what their insurance policies cover and works to obtain the full benefit of their insurance coverage.

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Underpaid Fire Loss

Our client’s home was burned in an accidental fire.  The insurance company delayed paying and, when it finally paid, didn’t pay enough to replace the home.  We fought for additional living expense, building coverage, lost rental income, and other available coverage.  After going through an appraisal and then filing a lawsuit, we were able to recover over $450,000 from the insurance company.

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Tile Roof Claim in St. Petersburg

Our clients made a claim for damage to the tile roof of their home in St. Petersburg, Florida, which they believed was caused by wind.  The insurance company denied the claim, taking the position that the damage was the result of wear and tear and faulty workmanship.  We filed a lawsuit on behalf of our clients and fought for them against the denied claim.  In the end, we were able to settle the claim for $150,000, and our clients were able to repair their roof.

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Claim Denied


Disputing Underpaid or Denied Insurance Claims in Florida

The direct answer: yes, you can dispute an insurance claim. If your claim was underpaid or denied by your insurance company, you have the right to dispute and have the appeal reviewed by a third party.


What to Expect During an Insurance Dispute in Florida

Insurance disputes arise for many reasons. Insurance companies wrongfully deny valid claims, pay too little when claims are covered, and wrongfully reserve the right to deny claims in the future. Insurance companies hire lawyers to conduct Examinations Under Oath and request volumes of documents and other information. Some insurance companies file lawsuits against their own insureds.

When their buildings are damaged or personal property lost, policyholders often find themselves facing delayed claim adjustment, unreasonable requests for numerous documents, low offers and underpaid insurance claims, or insurance claims that are denied completely.

We represent policyholders against their own insurance companies, and seek coverage for damage to buildings and personal property, loss of use, additional living expenses, and lost business income.

When Should You Contact an Insurance Dispute Lawyer?

When facing an insurance company that denied, underpaid, or unjustly closed your claim, you should take appropriate action.

Here are some instances when you should hire a lawyer who knows how to handle lowball insurance company tactics:

1) When Your Insurance Company Delays the Process

After a disaster, insurance companies may find themselves inundated with intense claims. While this large volume of claims can explain a delayed response or repayment, paying close attention to dates and more will keep you from being underpaid.

Having your attorney call and threaten litigation against the insurance company at hand will likely move them to act quicker—in both of your best interests.

2) When Your Claim is Denied

Insurance companies make mistakes and these are often the reason that a valid claim gets denied in Florida. Adjusters may misapply exclusions under your insurance policy, claiming that the damage done to you or your property was pre-existing, arising from neglect, poor maintenance, or other damage that is not covered by your policy.

Before submitting or disputing a claim, always double-check your policy to ensure the incident you’re making a claim for is covered. This will save a lot of trouble down the line!

3) When Your Claim is Underpaid

Just because your claim was approved doesn’t mean you’ll get the payout you expected. Unfortunately, this happens more often than not — insurance companies pay the minimum amount of damage on a submitted claim, despite the claimed damages being worth far more.

Accepting a settlement that’s worth less than you deserve ultimately benefits no one but your insurance company. If you feel the settlement offer they make is less than you need, you are not legally required to accept it.  Even our talented team can't contest a settlement offer that has been accepted.

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Our Florida Insurance Dispute Attorneys Can Help With These Types of Claims

The highly experienced insurance lawyers at Herman & Wells have successfully represented clients in a diverse variety of insurance disputes and denied claims. If your insurance claim has been denied or underpaid, please call us at 727-440-3991 for a free consultation.

After a quick conversation with one of our insurance lawyers, you'll understand what your legal options are and if our team can help you. We'd like to reiterate that you will be speaking with an experienced attorney who will be providing valuable feedback about your case from the get go. Our law firm's initial consultation is offered free of charge and our client's never owe us anything unless we are successful in representing them.

Florida homeowners contact insurance dispute attorneys after hurricane

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If you were to ask Jason Herman or Keith Stahl about what type of law they practice, they'd tell you they specialize in suing insurance companies on behalf of their clients. Our law firm's main offices are in Pinellas Park, but we have attorneys in St. Petersburg, Tampa, Seminole, Dunedin, Palm Harbor, Bradenton, Lakewood Ranch, and Sarasota.

An important part of the job is helping our clients understand their insurance policies and quickly breaking down their legal options for fighting disputes and denied claims. This requires a comprehensive knowledge of Florida insurance laws and specific policy language.

If you're faced with a denied home insurance claim, life insurance dispute or underpaid property damage claim, you'll benefit greatly from the extensive experiences our lawyers have gained from successfully representing other clients in similar cases.

Call us at (727) 821-3195 and you'll have the opportunity to review your claim with one of our insurance dispute lawyers in Florida. This is a wise choice to make even if you don't plan on hiring an attorney. Get the answers you need to make the best next move for you and your family. Herman & Wells is ready to help!