If you’ve recently been in a car accident in Florida, there is one question that likely stands at the forefront of your mind: How much is my claim worth? Attorneys who specialize in personal injury law can determine the value of your claim by evaluating the impact the accident has had and will have on your life. From medical bills to missed work days, it is essential for attorneys to take all damages into consideration when deciding how much money may be able to recover from an insurance company or party liable for causing the crash.

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In this post, we dive into each component considered when calculating a potential settlement amount after a car accident in Florida.

A Floridian involved in a motorcycle accident fills out their injury claim form.

The Cliff Notes: Key Takeaways From This Post

  • 1
    In Florida, you may be able to recover compensation for damages incurred in a car accident.
  • 2
    Consulting with medical experts and gathering evidence to strengthen your case are essential steps in assessing the value of your claim.
  • 3
    Attorneys analyze precedents and past case outcomes to assess the value of a car accident claim and predict how much an insurance company can pay out. Negotiating with insurance companies and opposing parties is critical in obtaining fair compensation.
  • 4
    The benefits of hiring an experienced Florida car accident attorney include knowledge of Florida law, court trends, and tactics to help you understand your rights as an injured victim.
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    Finally, it is important to remember that filing a lawsuit or claim must be done within the two-year statute of limitations. If you were partially at fault for the car accident, your damages may still be recoverable as long as your percentage of fault is less than 51%.
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    If you have been injured in a car accident in Florida, contact Herman & Wells today. We are committed to providing personalized legal advice and advocacy tailored to your individual needs.

Understanding The Factors Influencing The Value Of A Car Accident Claim In Florida

Car accident claims in Florida can be complex and costly. Depending on the severity of the crash, damages may include medical bills, rehabilitation costs, lost wages, pain and suffering, and other forms of compensation. The value of a claim is determined by evaluating all economic damages that occurred as a result of the car accident as well as any non-economic losses such as pain and complexities involved in assessing the value of a car accident claim in Florida.

Evaluating Economic Damages In A Car Accident Claim

Economic damages are the most tangible forms of compensation for a car accident claim and may include:

Medical Bills

All medical expenses related to treating injuries sustained in a crash, including emergency room visits, surgeries, medication, physical therapy, counseling, and more.

Lost Wages

This includes any paychecks missed due to time taken off work for medical treatment or recovery. If an injured party is unable to ever return to the same job due to injuries sustained in a car accident, they may also be entitled to compensation for future lost wages.

Property Damages

Compensation for the cost of repairing or replacing damaged personal property, including the vehicle involved in the crash as well as clothing, electronics, luggage and other possessions inside the vehicle.

Assessing Non-Economic Damages In A Car Accident Claim

Non-economic damages may not be as tangible or quantifiable, but they are still a huge factor for attorneys when calculating the value of your claim. Considerations include:

Pain And Suffering

The physical, emotional, and mental pain caused by the accident. This may include physical pain, anxiety, depression, PTSD, and more.

Loss Of Enjoyment

The loss of enjoyment or quality of life due to the car accident. This includes any hobbies or interests that you cannot participate in anymore because of your injuries.