Beth Spellane

Paralegal With 30 Years of Experience

I’ve worked in the legal field for close to 30 years, handling all sorts of different kinds of cases. Of all the types of law that I’ve been exposed to over my career, helping clients with personal injury and insurance claims is the most rewarding. It’s very satisfying to know that I’ve had a hand in helping our clients get relief in unfortunate circumstances.

None of us are excused from accidents and setbacks in life. Whether it be physical injuries or damages to your valued investment, insurance companies maneuver in such a way that most people need representation in order to try to make themselves as whole as before. I have a good understanding of the legal process that will get you back on your feet, and I’m good at finding out the answers to clients’ questions. The attorneys here are very much “hands-on” with our clients and I am proud to be a part of their team. I can say with confidence that Herman & Wells will fight to the bitter end to get the maximum settlement possible. We will all work together to make it happen.