Denied Insurance Claims

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When you make an insurance claim, you’re asking your insurance company to help you. When your insurance company denies your claim, the insurance company is saying: No.

Claims get denied for all sorts of reasons. Sometimes the denial is appropriate. But some claim denials are just flat out wrong. Even if you think the insurance company might be right, it’s always worth it to get a second opinion (especially when that second opinion is free-like every one of our initial case evaluations).

Take this example: insurance companies will deny a claim for termite damage because the policy excludes damage caused by insects. When you read the letter quoting the exclusion, you might think, “I don’t have a claim.” But termite damage is often covered under a separate part of the policy, especially in light of recent Florida appellate decisions about collapse. In other words, many times this denial that seems right at first glance is just completely wrong.

Some of our past results are listed on this webpage and you can see that many claims that start off denied end up with money being paid when the insurance company’s position is challenged in court.

If you think you’ve your claim was denied wrongfully or even if you think the denial was right, contact us for a second opinion. Case evaluations are free and usually take only a few minutes. We’ll tell you in a very straightforward way what we think about the denial and why. You can reach us by calling 727-821-3195 or by filling out the evaluation form to the side.

Case Results

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Denied Life Insurance Claim

After losing her husband, our client made a life insurance claim. The insurance company tried not to pay. We proved to the insurance company that it could not deny the claim, resulting in a full payment of the policy limits, plus interest.

Initial Position



Denied Insurance Claim for Termite Damage

Our clients made a claim for termite damage to their home, which caused part of their wall to fall down and roof to lean. The insurance company denied the claim. We filed suit, hired experts, and settled the case

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