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Palm Harbor is a beautiful city in Florida, but it is also vulnerable to hurricanes. If you live in Palm Harbor, it is important to have adequate hurricane insurance coverage. Unfortunately, many hurricane insurance claims are denied or not fully paid out even if you have coverage. If this has happened to you and you live in Palm Harbor, Florida, then you may need the help of a hurricane insurance lawyer.

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At Herman & Wells, we specialize in hurricane insurance cases. We have extensive experience helping residents and businesses alike collect from their hurricane insurance policies when their claims are denied or underpaid.

Our Palm Harbor hurricane insurance lawyers can assist with every step of the process to ensure you get the maximum compensation for your claim. We understand that it can be a difficult and daunting task to go up against an insurance company, so let us do the hard work for you. Contact Herman & Wells if you’d like to discuss your hurricane insurance claim with an experienced insurance dispute attorney.

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Can You Challenge Your Insurance Company’s Decision Regarding Your Hurricane Damage Claim? 

Yes, you can challenge your insurance company’s decision regarding your hurricane damage claim. The Palm Harbor hurricane insurance lawyers of Herman & Wells can help you do just that. We understand that the aftermath of a hurricane can be overwhelming, and dealing with your insurance company should be the last thing on your mind. But if your insurance company is giving you the runaround or denying your claim outright, you need experienced legal representation on your side.

Do You Need to Hire an Insurance Dispute Lawyer?

If you’re a Palm Harbor homeowner who has been impacted by a hurricane, you may be wondering if you need to hire an insurance dispute lawyer. The answer depends on the specific circumstances of your case, which can include:

  • Whether your insurance company is denying or underpaying your claim 
  • The severity of the hurricane damage 
  • The size and scope of the claim 
  • The amount of money you are asking for in compensation

However, in general, if you feel like your insurance company is not providing adequate coverage or is otherwise acting in bad faith, it may be in your best interests to seek legal assistance.

Acting in bad faith means that your insurance company is not following the terms of your policy or otherwise acting unlawfully. In such situations, you may need to go up against a powerful insurance company. But don’t worry, an experienced Palm Harbor hurricane insurance lawyer can get that same insurance company to pay up.

Is Hurricane Damage Covered Under Your Standard Homeowners Policy in Palm Harbor?

Homeowners’ insurance policies do not typically cover damage caused by floods or hurricanes. If you live in Palm Harbor, Florida, you may want to purchase hurricane insurance to help protect your home from storm damage. Palm Harbor is located in a high-risk area for hurricanes, so it’s important to be prepared.

Hurricane insurance policies typically cover wind damage, so if your home is damaged by high winds, you may be covered. However, hurricane insurance policies typically exclude flooding, so if your home is flooded, you will not be covered. If you’re not sure whether your homeowner’s insurance policy covers hurricane damage, it’s important to speak with an experienced hurricane insurance lawyer to review your policy.

How Can Our Palm Harbor Hurricane Insurance Lawyers Help You?

The attorneys at our firm understand how frustrating it can be to deal with insurance companies after a hurricane. We also know that you have enough to worry about without having to fight for the compensation you deserve. That’s why we’re here to help. Our Palm Harbor hurricane insurance lawyers can help you in a number of ways, including:

  • Reviewing your insurance policy to make sure you understand what is covered
  • Filing a claim on your behalf
  • Hire an independent adjuster. These adjusters usually work in the best interest of the policyholder as opposed to the insurance company.
  • Negotiating with the insurance company
  • Fighting for you if your claim is denied or underpaid

Common Reasons Hurricane Damage Claims are Denied in Palm Harbor

Hurricane damage claims are often denied because insurance companies find ways to lowball or deny valid claims. Some of the most common reasons hurricane damage claims are denied in Palm Harbor, Florida include:

  • Wind vs water damage. Many times a hurricane will bring both wind and water damage. The insurance company can deny your claim if they deem the damage was caused by water, not wind since hurricane insurance typically does not cover flooding.
  • Mold vs water. If the insurance company finds evidence of mold, they may deny your claim, arguing that the damage was caused by water that resulted in mold and not wind.
  • Interior rain exclusion. Some hurricane insurance policies have an exclusion for interior rain damage, meaning the policy will not cover any damage caused by water that comes in from indoors. They will claim the rain was driven in by the storm and not the storm itself that caused the damage.

These decisions can be fought with the help of an experienced Palm Harbor hurricane insurance lawyer. Our attorneys know precisely how to dispute the insurer’s decision.

What Kind of Home Damage Do Hurricanes Typically Cause

Hurricanes can cause all sorts of damage to your home, from knocking down trees and power lines to flooding your property. That’s why it’s important to have hurricane insurance in place before a storm hits. Common types of hurricane damage include:

  • Wind damage: High winds can cause trees and power lines to fall, damaging your home or causing a power outage.
  • Flooding: Heavy rains can cause flooding, which can damage your home’s foundation, ruin your possessions, and lead to mold growth.
  • Storm surge: Storm surge is a rise in sea level that can occur during a hurricane. This can cause flooding and damage to coastal homes.

If you have hurricane insurance, you may be covered for some or all of these types of damage. Your policy may have a deductible that you will need to pay before your coverage kicks in. 

If you have hurricane insurance, your deductible may be as high as $5,000. This means that you will need to pay for the first $5,000 of damage to your home before your insurance policy kicks in. If your home is severely damaged, the cost of repairs may exceed your deductible amount. In this case, you may need to file a claim with your hurricane insurance company. An experienced Palm Harbor hurricane insurance lawyer can help you file a claim and get the damages to your home paid for.

How Do Insurance Companies Respond After a Hurricane Has Caused Major Damage?

If you have hurricane insurance, it is imperative that you report your claim to your insurance company as soon after the storm as possible. When you report your claim, the insurance company will assign an adjuster to work on your case. Insurance companies send out adjusters to assess the damage. These adjusters have different levels of authority and may make decisions about whether or not to pay a claim. 

There are different types of insurance adjusters that get sent out. Company adjusters are contractors working for the insurance company. Independent adjusters are independent contractors who work for multiple companies. 

The insurance company has 90 days after you make your claim to issue a payment or deny coverage. If additional time is needed, the company must notify you of this in writing within the original 90-day period and explain why more time is required. A decision letter is then sent to the policyholder explaining whether the claim is accepted or denied. If your claim is denied, you may be able to appeal the decision.

Can You Sue Your Insurance Company For Denying a Hurricane Damage Claim?

After a hurricane strikes an area, insurance companies are often deluged with claims from policyholders who have suffered damage. While most insurers attempt to promptly pay valid claims, some may try to minimize their losses by denying or low-balling claims, even if the damage is clearly covered by the policy. 

If your claim has been denied, you may wonder if you can sue your insurance company. The answer is that it depends on the reason for the denial. If your insurance company has a legitimate reason for denying the claim, such as the exclusion of hurricane damage from the policy, then you will likely not be successful in suing them. However, if the denial is based on bad faith or fraud, you definitely have a case!

What Is Our Law Firm’s Process For Insurance Dispute Cases

Herman & Wells understands that hurricane season can be difficult for Palm Harbor residents. You may have to deal with damage to your home or business, as well as file an insurance claim. Unfortunately, in many cases, insurance companies will try to delay or deny valid claims.

We want to help you. Call today for a free claim review, and learn about your legal options with our experienced insurance dispute lawyers. With over 20 years of handling claims between Hurricane disasters, we know what it takes to get results that benefit your unique situation. Further, we don’t charge any fees unless we win your case.

$190,000 settlement for water damage caused by flooding during a hurricane

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Underpaid Commercial Insurance Claim

Hurricane winds damaged our client’s apartment complex, causing roof damage and interior water damage.  The insurance company paid $100,000, which was not enough money to cover the cost of repairs.  We filed a lawsuit against the insurance company and recovered an additional $228,000 for our client, bringing the total payment up to $328,000.  This allowed our client to fully repair the storm damage.

Initial Position



Delayed and Underpaid Homeowners Claim

A family’s home near Lakeland, Florida was damaged by a hurricane.  Water came into the house from the roof.  The insurance company sent its own contractor to dry it out, but didn’t complete the job.  The adjuster also wrote an estimate to repair the inside of the house, but the insurance company made the adjuster delete some of the repairs from his estimate.  At the end of the day, the insurance company only paid the family $1,900 for their damage.  After we were hired to help the family fight back against the insurance company, the family was able to recover an additional $220,000 from the insurance company to settle the case.

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$1900 paid


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