Soft Tissue Injuries

Legal help after soft tissue injuries.

Negligence doesn’t always result in fractures, broken bones, paralysis or death. Usually, what appears to be a simple rear-end collision or fall can cause what insurance companies like to call “soft tissue injuries.” They also love fighting them, meaning this may be the situation where you need an experienced Florida personal injury attorney the most.

The insurance companies have extensive lists of local experts at their disposal whose opinions are manufactured and paid for to dispute the seriousness of these injuries. Let there be no doubt, these “experts” are living and working as doctors right here in Pinellas Park, Saint Petersburg, Tampa, and Clearwater. Our legal team has witnessed everyone from medical professors to VA doctors lie under oath against a person for the benefit of the insurance company for a few thousand dollars.

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The role of insurance companies in soft tissue injuries.

Common soft tissue injuries can cause neck, back, or limb pain, muscle spasms, soreness, stiffness, and headaches and can require a lifetime of treatment. Defense “experts,” however, are handpicked by the insurance companies and their attorneys to dispute these damages, and claim that such symptoms can’t result from certain impacts or car accidents. Meanwhile, all of the credible research, as well as the injured person’s treating physicians, say the exact opposite.

Not surprisingly, insurance industries’ paid experts will also argue that “soft tissue” injuries are not only minor but simply degenerative in nature. They’ll claim that the injured person is clearly just old, overweight, or in otherwise poor physical shape and their back, neck or knees were inevitably going to hurt someday.

As a personal injury law firm, Herman & Wells is experienced in responding to these arguments. In other words, we will not take “degenerative condition” or “soft tissue injuries” for an answer. While no attorney could or should EVER guarantee a victory or even settlement, we have come up against these arguments in almost every case and trial. We make it our job to get the true story in front of the jury.

Why seek treatment for a soft tissue injury?

Often, people with soft tissue injuries will fail to seek treatment immediately following the accident. Most people who are sore presume soreness goes away. It is important, however, that you seek treatment as soon as you suspect that you are hurt. In the moments or hours following an accident, your body is in shock. Everyone has noticed that they are often shaking after a crash even when there is no injury. You may perceive serious soft tissue injuries as stiffness, soreness, or even a slight burning feeling. The armed forces commonly refer to this as “walking wounded.” People with severe, life-altering injuries walk around unaware that they are in need of serious surgeries due to soft tissue damage.

If you fail to seek treatment promptly, the insurance company has two arguments:

  1. You obviously aren’t hurt or you would have seen a physician immediately or
  2. You didn’t seek treatment until days or weeks after the accident, and you could have been hurt in any number of ways between now and then.

You can avoid this by seeking treatment as soon as you can, if not immediately, following the accident. Remember, a qualified doctor who comes to a conclusion about your diagnosis organically is a great ally in proving your case.

Soft tissue injuries are real. We can help.

Every day, more information is obtained relating to the fact that soft tissue injuries are real and significantly disruptive to peoples’ lives. They are expensive and require lifelong treatment or even surgical intervention. Herman & Wells is an experienced personal injury law firm with offices in Pinellas Park and Sarasota. Our attorneys have a proven track record of successfully countering these insurance company experts and showing juries that soft tissue injuries are REAL. We can help you recover the damages you deserve.

Herman & Wells represents clients throughout the State of Florida. If you have suffered soft tissue injuries at the hands of a negligent person or company, contact us if you’d like to request a free consultation at (727) 821-3195. You owe us nothing unless we recover for you.

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