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When an accident takes place, there is a lot to consider in a very short period of time. When the accident was the fault of another person or organization, then it is wise to think smart in those scary situations.

1. ALWAYS accept medical care

Failing to receive proper medical care after an accident can give the impression that the harm was much less significant than you are claiming before the court. Even if you don’t feel the pain in the moments after an accident, it is wise to be thoroughly examined. With adrenaline racing through your body at top speed, the discomfort may be unperceivable at the moment, so it is better to accept the care before the real pain is realized.

2. DO NOT lie about the pain that you are experiencing.

It is best to be honest about the problems that you are facing because, if found in a lie, the court may see you as less than trustworthy as react poorly as a result. Take the medical care offered and follow the doctor’s instructions for care and allow all wounds to heal properly (whether internal or external). Don’t try to increase medical expenses with excessive, unneeded treatments, and don’t try to hide the discomfort either.

3. ALWAYS take care to protect evidence.

Take pictures of the scene of the accident and keep medical records that relate to injuries suffered. Cooperate with the police and answer questions carefully and concisely. Don’t speak with insurance companies (if applicable) until you have consulted with your attorney. Don’t disturb the scene before the police, an attorney, or another professional is able to document it. It is also wise to ensure that all witnesses at the scene of the accident are questioned and that their contact information is taken down.

4. DO NOT admit fault.

Many people feel guilt after an accident, should they see someone injured, but admitting fault (whether real or manifested) is the best way to destroy your chances at collecting damages to cover related medical expenses. Take a deep breath and collect yourself for a few moments if you must, before speaking to anyone at the scene of the accident.