Lauren Pozna

Lauren’s legal career has been centered on fighting for individuals in their time of need. She has extensive experience in handling personal injury and federal consumer cases. Throughout her career, she has worked for city officials, global leaders in legal research, managed judicial campaigns, and even litigated criminal cases.

PI attorney, Lauren Pozna, meets clients at her office

After graduating from law school, she realized that her true passion was to help injured individuals. Even on the worst days, she tries to find a silver lining for her clients, and works much harder than the insurance companies to bring her clients the justice they deserve.

Lauren refers to how much joy she gets negotiating and litigating for her clients. Her drive, work ethic, and work product set her apart. She is always researching, reading, and learning new ways to perfect her craft. Life is a game of inches, and she strives to move the needle each and every day.