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Our firm focuses on two separate areas of practice, but each shares a common value: helping you recover.

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Fighting Insurance Companies

People and businesses buy insurance to protect them from unforeseen losses. Insurance policies are designed to compensate people in the face of misfortune, protecting their assets and allowing them to recover from the loss. When buildings are damaged and destroyed, property insurance policies should pay to repair or replace the property. When people are injured, liability and automobile insurance should compensate them for their medical expenses and other damages. Insurance companies are supposed to compensate people and businesses in the face of catastrophe.

We represent individuals and businesses against insurance companies that refuse to fairly compensate them for their losses. We receive calls every day from insureds that are facing denied insurance claims, never-ending insurance claim investigations, or unreasonably low settlement offers.

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Representing the Injured

Personal injury is a term that encompasses all tort litigation whether it involves a car accident, product liability, premises liability, or even intentional conduct like assault and battery. Tort litigation pits an injured person against the individual or corporation responsible for causing the injuries. It also includes cases against insurance companies that are contractually required to provide coverage for the injuries.

We represent people who have been injured by the negligence of others. We pursue claims against the businesses and individuals responsible for personal injuries caused in accidents, which means dealing with commercial general liability insurers or car insurance companies. We also represent people in claims under their own policies they paid for to protect them from accidents and injuries: uninsured motorist insurance claims, health insurance claims, and life insurance claims.

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