Life Insurance Disputes

Legal help for life insurance beneficiaries

Life insurance is supposed to pay a sum of money to a designated beneficiary on the death of the insured person. Life insurance assists with funeral expenses and helps offset the major financial impact that the insured’s death can have on a family. Life insurance disputes happen when the insurance company denies or otherwise delays a claim.

Why life insurance companies deny claims

Life insurance companies deny life insurance claims for many different reasons. All life insurance policies contain certain terms and exclusions that insurance companies use to deny life insurance claims. In many cases, insurance companies attempt to rescind life insurance policies based on statements made in the application. Other times, life insurance companies refuse to pay the named beneficiary and, instead try to pay life insurance proceeds in a different way.

Many consumers don’t know why their life insurance claim has not been paid because the insurance company has delayed payment without explanation or has not returned phone calls or e-mails.

How we help with life insurance disputes

Herman & Wells represents people who have encountered claim delay, denial, or a refusal to pay life insurance benefits to the right beneficiary. We help you understand what the policy is designed to cover, why we think the insurance company refuses to pay, and our plan to obtain the life insurance benefits that you are owed. Some life insurance issues can be resolved without litigation, but sometimes we need to file a lawsuit against the life insurance company.

$200,500 settlement for a life insurance claim

We also represent people when life insurance companies bring lawsuits in the form of an interpleader action or a declaratory judgment action. If you have experienced issues obtaining prompt payment of a life insurance claim, we can help.

Case Results

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Denied Life Insurance Claim

After losing her husband, our client made a life insurance claim. The insurance company tried not to pay. We proved to the insurance company that it could not deny the claim, resulting in a full payment of the policy limits, plus interest.

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Denied Life Insurance Claim

Our client paid premiums on a life insurance policy for years. But when she made a claim, the insurance companies told her they didn’t have to pay. After we laid out the facts and the law, the insurance companies resolved the claim with us.

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