Closed Insurance Claims

Don’t let a closed insurance claim stop you.

“Please go away.”  That’s what your insurance company means when it tells you that your insurance claim is “CLOSED.”

But what does a closed insurance claim actually mean for you?  Not much.

You can fight your insurance company, whether the claim is “open” or “closed.”  A closed claim doesn’t mean your case is invalid or over. And you don’t lose the opportunity to challenge the insurance company just because you didn’t do it within the arbitrary timeframe the insurance company gave you before “closing” your claim.

The only real takeaway from an insurance adjuster saying your claim is closed is that the insurance company is done voluntarily helping you.  Now it’s time to push back.

What do I do if my claim is closed?

Most of our law firm’s clients come to us with “closed claims,” sometimes even months or years after their insurance claims were closed by their insurance companies.  We fight for our clients on their closed insurance claims and we get results. Insurance companies write letters saying that claims are closed after issuing denials or after paying whatever number their adjuster came up with.  

Insurance companies hope you’ll see the words, “we have closed your claim” and give up.  You shouldn’t. When we first contact an insurance company for a new client, we often get a response saying that the claim is being “reopened.”  When faced with a legal challenge and lawsuit, many insurance companies will reconsider their earlier positions and offer to settle cases they once said were closed.  

If your insurance company closed your claim and you want to talk about your options, contact us using the form on this webpage or call us at (727) 821-3195 to talk with one of our lawyers who specializes in insurance.  That conversation and our evaluation of your claim are always free, and we will give you our straightforward thoughts about your claim.

Case Results

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Underpaid Fire Loss

A fire caused significant damage to our client’s house. The insurance company delayed paying and then paid much less than the cost of repair. We sued the insurance company and forced the insurance company to pay an additional $185,412.

Initial Position



Denied Claim for Undermined Foundation

A broken pipe undermined our client’s home, caused the house to settle, large cracks to form, and the roof to lean. The insurance company denied the claim. We filed a lawsuit, hired experts, and reached a settlement for our client.

Initial Position



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