Pipe Breaks and Water Leaks

Don’t let unexpected water damage from a broken pipe cost you money.

Water damage caused by a broken pipe or plumbing fixture is one of the most common types of property damage people experience.  Homes and other buildings have pressurized pipes and water supply lines running through them – running to sinks, dishwashers, refrigerators, toilets, showers, and more.  These pipes and water lines are made of a variety of materials ranging from cast iron to plastic, and they fail for a lot of reasons—they wear out, rust, break, get knocked loose during construction, or develop a hole.

Usually, when a pipe breaks, it is hidden behind a wall, under a floor, or above a ceiling.  Property owners don’t notice the leak until it’s already bad enough to soak through whatever is covering it.  And even a tiny pinhole leak in a pressurized water line can quickly flood a building.

When a pipe breaks, the water that is released destroys drywall, flooring, cabinets, and wood.  The water can also lead to mold.

Most property insurance policies cover water damage.  Many also cover the cost of accessing the broken pipe, which can be especially expensive if the pipe is located under the floor.

How can an insurance lawyer help you with damage from a broken pipe?

If your property was damaged because of a broken pipe, you’re probably looking for an insurance attorney for one of these two reasons:

  • You’re not sure if the insurance company paid you enough money for your damage.
  • The insurance company denied your claim, and you’re thinking about challenging that denial.

As insurance lawyers, we help by giving you our opinions on those two issues: are you entitled to more money or was your claim wrongfully denied.  We do this in a free telephone call or in-person meeting. We specialize in insurance law and, odds are, we’ve probably handled other water damage cases very similar to yours against the same insurance company you have.  That means we can typically give you an evaluation of your claim right away.

If we don’t think your insurance company did the right thing on your insurance claim, we help convince the insurance company to make that right.  We do that through presenting facts and legal arguments to the insurance company, through processes like mediation and appraisal, and most often through lawsuits in our court system.  We work for clients on a contingency fee agreement – meaning we only get paid as your lawyers if you recover money from your insurance company. In other words, we take cases that we believe in.

If you have questions about your insurance claim and want to talk about your options, please contact us using the form on the side of this page or by calling us at (727) 821-3195, where you will be connected to an attorney to discuss your case.

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