Who Can You Sue After Slip and Fall?

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While there are certainly those individuals out there who are just waiting for the perfect moment to call ‘foul’ and head for the courts, most Americans are not eager to stand before the judge. Therefore, it is no surprise that there are so many questions after an accident has taken place. Yet, slip and fall injuries occur almost every day and a large number of people in this country are seriously injured or even killed as a result.

Not only is there the issue of physical pain and humiliation to contend with after suffering such an unexpected accident, but there are often mounting medical bills as well. A broken leg can require several medical scans, a cast, physical therapy, and a lot of missed work, for instance. The expense tied to even a minor break can be substantial and one stops to consider the more serious injuries that can occur, the financial impact is clear.

For that reason, the American courts have made it possible for an injured individual, or his or her family, to file a lawsuit against a negligent party, should that negligence have caused the fall. It’s easy to know where that lawsuit might be aimed if a person slips on a wet floor in a large grocery store, but the answer may not be so clear when the accident occurs elsewhere.

For instance, if the slip and fall occurred in a gas station, one might not realize that it is privately owned (despite carrying the name of a common chain) and that the lawsuit would, therefore, be aimed at the owner, rather than the conglomerate. If the accident occurs on a sidewalk that was not properly cared for, then it could be the fault of the property owner or of the town or of the city, depending on who was meant to care for that particular area.

The reality is, that you are welcome to file a claim against any person or organization that demonstrated negligence leading to harm to yourself or your property. However, knowing where the finger should be pointed might not be as clear as you’d like. This is why it is so important to hire a knowledgeable attorney that can provide detailed research, expertise, and advice as to what your next step should be.