Are Electric Blankets Safe For You and Your Family?

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Baby on an electric blanketEven in Saint Petersburg, the winter can bring a chill that makes one welcome the cozy warmth of an electric blanket in the evening.

However, one must stop and wonder how safe the corded blankets really are. Though they have been in use for quite some time now, there have been incidents that have people questioning how safe they really are.

Perhaps the worst claim made against electric blankets is linked to the electromagnetic field created around them. All electrically operated pieces of equipment radiate some degree of an EMF. Because the blanket is laid directly over the body, there has been concern regarding the seeping of the EMF into the body. Electric blankets are thought to be linked to increased risk of cancer due to the EMF, though presently, there are no definite findings to suggest that this hypothesis is accurate.

There are other concerns one should consider before using an electric blanket. There are certain portions of the St. Petersburg population that are at greater risk when using them. In pregnancy, EMF could potentially harm the fetus. The blanket could also increase core temperature, when used overnight, putting the developing baby at risk.

Diabetics are another population that might be better to avoid the blankets. Patients of this disease often have insensitivity to heat, which could put them at risk when sleeping under an electric blanket during the night. Excessive heat is harmful to the body.

Additionally, young children are put in danger when allowed to sleep with an electric blanket. They can be easily tangled in the cord during sleep, leaving them at risk of strangulation.

If one does decide to use an electric blanket to cover a child at night, it is very important to keep the corded end as far away from the neck as possible. The cord should be kept only as long as needed to reach the outlet. Any remaining length should be cinched tightly to prevent it from tangling around the body of the child. Consult a personal injury attorney if you or a loved one have been involved in an incident like this.