A Public Service Announcement on Drinking and Driving in Saint Petersburg, FL by a Personal Injury Attorney to Prevent ever having to Meet One

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A public service announcement on drinking and driving by a personal injury attorney to prevent ever having to meet one.

We have all been there at some point in time. Out with friends, dinner, movies, dancing, a few cocktails, and “hey, how about a few more cocktails?” Before we know it, we have gone over the limit and wondering just how on earth are we getting home. Your decision is the reason you will never have to meet a personal injury attorney like me at trial.

Today’s blog is devoted to an alternative to driving home drunk.
Some people in the aforementioned situation foolishly decide that they are just fine and can make it home. So, they get behind the wheel of their car and give it a shot. Some make it home unharmed and do not cause harm to anyone else either. Others do not fare so well and become a statistic. The ones that fail add to the overwhelming numbers of people whose lives have been affected by drunk drivers, or have been caught driving drunk. It is not a pretty sight. Not for yourself, or for others. As I mention all the time in my blog, if a person injured by a drunk driver gets a personal injury attorney, the drunk driver will not only face criminal charges and medical expenses, but they will also be liable for punitive damages. Thankfully there a little hope.

A new company has emerged that is based out of Ohio called “Be My Designated Driver”. It is a company with a vision of changing the growing numbers of alcohol-related deaths by offering a service different than that of a traditional cab agency. Their hope is to keep drunk drivers off the roads and save lives.

Be My Designated Driver has teamed up with bars and restaurants especially in Ybor City, Florida. Local restaurants such as “The Green Iguana” are one of the establishments to promote the service.

According to one of the company’s drivers George MacDonald, they work as a team of drivers who will come by, pick you up, as well as your vehicle, and deliver you both home safe and sound. Imagine that! A service that will actually pick your vehicle up as well! No more worrying about being towed, ticketed, or even worse in an accident. Not to mention the possibility of being arrested and going down that horrific path!

Steve Lavelle, manager of the popular hangout “The Green Iguana”, says that he and his employees recommend the service. The idea of having a personal chauffeur is what increases the popularity of this new company. It offers convenience, security, and most of all safety not only for the intoxicated individual but for all the others that could have potentially crossed their path in the evening on the way home.

James Roy from Michigan says that the service was very successful and popular in the area he came from and that many of his friends had utilized the service in the past. The price is reasonable starting with a flat fee of $25.00 and then a mileage charge. The more miles, the cheaper the overall mileage gets. Not bad for a feeling of safety and security. Not bad for a great feeling that you did not ruin someone else’s life as well as your own. Overall, it gives a sense of peace knowing that if you have managed to have one too many, there is hope!

Be My Designated Driver is currently operating in 16 states and 42 cities.

Take it from a personal injury attorney. The fare for one of these designated drivers is less than a DUI ticket and less than your insurance will charge you if you hurt someone else in a car crash. This is the difference between you and the people who I sue. Be safe, my friends!

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