What’s a Noise Prevention Blanket?

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volume-1111229-mRecently, it was reported in the St. Petersburg area that a man had developed a very effective noise absorption blanket.  The business, located right here in the heart of Florida, was developed after a man and his wife had difficulty enjoying the same house – she studying for medical school and he watching the “big game” with friends.  Of course, their fun was noisy and made it difficult for her to concentrate on the work that had to be done.  Thus, he set out to develop a system of blocking sound. His name is Jeremy Smith.  His company is called Residential Acoustics.  And, you can read more about his story in The Tampa Bay Times.

Is It Necessary?

Some might argue that such a device is not necessary, and that he would have been better off watching the game elsewhere while she studied.  But, noise prevention is a very important aspect of engineering.  Noise can be very bothersome, as anyone with loud neighbors can attest to.


In fact, there have been many lawsuits in small claims courts, right here in Saint Petersburg, for noise-related complaints.  The truth is that a neighbor or fellow tenant can truly disrupt your life with excessive noise, especially when that disturbance is taking place in the middle of the night.

While the primary objective of most court-goers is simply to get that person to stop the ruckus, it is often very effective to seek monetary damages as well.  The penalty paid by the noisy offender will often be the encouragement needed to stop the disturbing behavior.  It simply has to be proven that there is excessive noise coming from the offender’s residence, that it is ruining the enjoyment of your home, and that you have repeatedly asked that person to cease the noise-making.

Noise Can Be Annoying

In most cases, the noise is more of an annoyance than anything else, and thus the amount asked for in the case will be minimal.  Small claims court sets limits on the amount that can be sued for, but even that limit is a stretch for most noise-related cases, in which the person filing the complaint will ask for as little as $20 per day, as a “slap on the wrist” to the offender.

Noise Can Become a Bigger Problem

There are instances, however, when noise can become a much bigger problem.  The garage band practicing at two in the morning, the repair shop continually turning over engines, and speeding away from the parking lot at all hours of the day and night, for instance, can be big nuisances.  These neighbors can cause loss of sleep, which ultimately makes it difficult for a person to perform well at work or school, and completely destroys enjoyment of day-to-day life.

For landlords, noisy neighbors can be a very big problem, preventing new tenants from signing leases. Thus, the property owner can actually suffer significant monetary losses as a result of excessive noise.  In cases like these, it may be worthwhile to seek a personal injury attorney as opposed to filing with small claims court.  If it can be proven that the noise has resulted in actual financial loss, which can be calculated and itemized for the courts, it may be reasonable to expect a much larger sum of money from the offender, in addition to the courts demanding that the noise stop.  If you believe that you have an unusual noise-related case, speak to a personal injury attorney to determine what rights you have.