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There were an estimated 70,000 reported pedestrian injuries in 2010 (that were actually reported to police) nationwide. Out of those, 4,280 involved fatalities. With about 8,084 auto / pedestrian accidents, involving 7,551 injuries, and about 504 fatalities per year, Florida leads the country in traffic collisions with pedestrians per capita.

With pedestrian accidents accounting for over 13% of fatalities in America but only 10.9% of total trips, it is clear that walking is statistically more dangerous than driving. These numbers are higher in Florida, including 16.5% of all fatalities in 2008. Importantly, Florida does not have the most people or even the most pedestrians.

Hit by a car in Florida — why does this happen so often?

Why is it so bad here? Florida simply offers a lot of distractions to drivers. Let’s face it, we live in a beautiful state, but drivers must focus on the road, or else they are responsible for the harm they cause a pedestrian.

Distracted drivers and pedestrians don’t mix. When a 3000+lb car or truck strikes a person, the forces are well beyond what our bodies ever had to experience in evolution without a fall off a cliff. Your body does not stand a chance. Broken bones, backs, damaged muscles, ligaments, and tendons, brain injuries are some of the injuries that I see and represent people for regularly. Pedestrian accidents are often catastrophic, and the victims and their families need expert help to deal with the aftermath.

Which insurance covers you when you’re hit by a car?

If you or a loved one has been a pedestrian hit by a car or truck, call us at (727) 821-3195. Talking to expert trial attorney Clifford Wells is free. He has specialized in pedestrian crashes since 2002. We start by making a claim against the bad driver’s BI (Bodily Injury) insurance. If they do not have enough coverage to adequately cover all of your injuries, medical expenses and pain/suffering, we will help you make a claim for a full recovery against your UM (Underinsured Motorist) coverage on your car.

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If you do not have any UM, there may be other places we can find insurance to cover your injuries, but we need to talk to you and put in a little leg work to find them, and we will walk you through every aspect of your claim.

Is the driver at fault if you’re hit by a car?

While cars and trucks do have a duty to yield to pedestrians, it is not automatic that a car or truck driver is liable for pedestrian injuries. Car, truck and motorcycle drivers have a duty to be aware of their automobiles, their speed, and their surroundings. If they fail to do so and that leads to injuries to a pedestrian, the driver is responsible for those injuries, medical bills, lost wages and pain/suffering.

You need a qualified, board certified civil litigator to assist you and walk you through your claim. A consultation with Board Certified Attorney Clifford Wells is free. You will owe us nothing unless we recover for you.

Referrals by other lawyers

A growing portion of our personal injury practice involves cases referred to us by other attorneys. We do work with other attorneys to litigate cases surrounding pedestrian accidents, and we do pay referral fees or will split attorneys’ fees when appropriate. If you are an attorney and have a pedestrian who was hit, do not wait until you are in over your head and trial is scheduled to call me and obtain assistance. The trial will be costly, complex, and it may be too late for me to obtain the necessary discovery or properly prepare experts and witnesses for trial. I will be much more effective if you call early on.

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Pedestrian Hit In Crosswalk

Our client was crossing a street at a crosswalk when she was hit by a truck.  She broke her arm in the accident and required surgery.  We sued the driver and took her case to trial, ultimately recovering a total of $425,000.

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