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Most Uber and Lyft drivers are great, and our firm supports and uses them. However, there are some bad ones who put their next fare before the safety of our community and their current guest. This is when you’ll want to know there’s a good Uber/Lyft accident lawyer you can call.

Like other poor drivers, bad ridesharing drivers end up focusing on other things besides the road. Logging their next fare while they still should be focused on the safety of their passengers and other drivers around them. These moments of inattention can easily lead to collisions and significant injuries for other drivers and passengers. Popular ridesharing companies don’t have rules on sleep or specialized training. In most cities, all that is required is one year of driving to become a Lyft or Uber driver.

If you have been involved in a collision as a result of an inattentive ridesharing driver, you should speak to an Uber/Lyft accident lawyer. We can help.

  1. What do you do next?
  2. Are they insured?
  3. Am I insured just for being in the Uber or Lyft when I was hit by another car?
  4. Should I seek medical attention after the accident?
  5. Is this headache normal and will it go away?
  6. What about my medical bills?
  7. Should I call an attorney now or later?

Call today, talk to an experienced ridesharing accident lawyer and get answers to these questions.

We can help you get the compensation you deserve for your injuries. At Herman & Wells, we have been representing people involved in rideshare accidents since Uber first started taking fares. We regularly get people covered for their injuries under Uber or Lyft’s insurance, even if it was another car that caused the crash.

Injured passenger calls Lyft accident lawyer after collision in Pinellas, FL

Here’s what to do if you’ve been in a ridesharing accident

  1. Call us at (727) 821-3195. It’s free.
  2. An Uber accident attorney will review your case for free with no pressure to make a commitment.
  3. You’ll be guided through receiving treatment, making the claim, and getting you money.

Are ridesharing drivers insured?

Usually, YES. As of the time of this page, we usually see at least one million dollar policies ($1,000,000) for people that an UBER or Lyft driver hurts. Call us and we will find out for you.

*Our firm has already litigated to force coverage where the ridesharing company’s insurance was declined.  It usually depends on whether there is a passenger in the car, please call us to make sure because there are exceptions.

Was I insured just for being a passenger?

Usually, YES. As of the time of this page, we usually see UM (underinsured motorist) policy of at least one million dollars ($1,000,000) for passengers in Uber or Lyft cars. UM will cover you in an Uber or Lyft accident for injuries caused by an underinsured motorist.

Should I seek medical attention after the accident?

Yes. The insurance company’s attorney could possibly use it against you if you don’t seek medical attention after an accident.

And you should especially get medical attention if you feel a burning sensation in your neck or back as it could be a sign of a common car accident injury. Do not take that burning sensation lightly. It is often a symptom of a permanent internal injury such as a bulging or herniated disk in your back, facet joint injury, or torn ligaments, tendons, or muscles. Many times we see people with injuries requiring surgical procedures that only felt a burning sensation at first, but the pain got worse and worse over time. When in doubt, go to a doctor. If you are worried that your symptoms may lead to an insurance claim to cover medical costs, call our firm and talk to one of our personal injury attorneys. If you were an Uber or Lyft passenger that was in an accident, or you were hit by an Uber/Lyft driver, they probably have insurance to cover your medical bills as well as lost wages, pain, and suffering.

Is my headache normal? Will it go away?

Whiplash, like that caused by car crashes, can lead to a lot of various neck and head injuries. Sometimes it is a sign of a concussion. Other times they caused “cervical headaches” which are believed to be caused by either damaged muscles or ligaments that attach to the back of your skull. Other times, headaches can be caused by damage to the disks in your neck that pinch nerves. When in doubt, call a doctor. If you are concerned that the headaches may need you to make an insurance claim to cover medical costs, call our office and talk to an attorney.

How do I handle my medical bills?

There are numerous sources that may pay your medical bills. The first for an automobile crash is a persons’ automobile PIP coverage. This coverage does not pay all of your bills though. The rest of your medical bills, which may exist for the rest of your life, will need to be recovered in a claim against the at-fault drivers’ BI (bodily injury) or UM (underinsured motorist) coverage. Sometimes the at-fault driver has enough assets to pay them. If you were an Uber or Lyft passenger and were hurt, or you were hit by an Uber/Lyft driver, they probably have insurance coverage for this type of injury. You can read about that above or just call our office and talk to an injury attorney.

Insurance companies will try to see to it that you do not get any money

As soon as the wreck happens, the insurance companies who insure the Lyft or Uber driver (and you when you ride one) will set processes in motion to prevent you from getting the full amount of money you deserve. They may hire investigators, talk to witnesses, and get recordings from the scene. They also rely on you NOT getting medical attention which they will use against you later.

When you make a claim, the insurance company almost always claims your injuries were from before the crash. If you have questions, call our office and talk to a lawyer.

$475,000 settlement for a ride-share accident caused by an uninsured motorist

Contact an experienced Uber/Lyft accident lawyer in Pinellas

Call us immediately at (727) 821-3195 after an accident when you can. The call is free, and we do not charge you unless we win additional compensation for you. If you don’t call right away, but do wind up needing to make a claim later, there are things we can do right away to make your case better. If it has been a while since the crash, and you are still having symptoms, call us. We will fight to overcome what is called the “delay in treatment” defense as well as all the others we come across over the years as civil trial attorneys.

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Our client was in the back of a ride-share vehicle when they were hit from behind on I-275. The person in that car that hit them had no insurance, but after extensive litigation, we were able to successfully negotiate a settlement under the underinsured motorist coverage and help this lovely client recover for everything she had been through as well as her medical expenses.

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