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cup-of-coffee-1-1518857It is a problem suffered by drivers all over the country and we have certainly seen the devastating effects of nighttime drowsiness on the road. As a personal injury attorney, I have heard far too many tragic tales that started with someone being tired behind the wheel. In order to help Pinellas Park drivers who must drive at night, we have a few tips that could help you stay awake long enough to get home safely. Please remember, however, that these are only suggestions and if you do feel drowsy, you should pull over and get some rest.

Avoid the Bright Screens

Dashboards and monitors are very useful in a car. They can, in fact, help you stay safe as you drive, but they can also be very hard on nighttime drivers. That is why car manufacturers of most models have made it possible to easily dim the lights on the dash and on the navigation screen.

The contrast of bright lights and a dark night’s sky is hard on the eyes, and can ultimately make them feel heavy. That increases the risk of dozing behind the wheel. Dim the lights and reduce the contrast, and you should be able to stay alert longer. If you don’t feel better after having done so, then please pull over and stay safe.

Turn Down the Temperature

Opening the window has long been a trick used by sleepy drivers, but today, an even more effective trick can be to crank the air conditioning. The warmer you are, the more lulled into sleep you will feel. Keep the vehicle at a brisk temperature and you will feel more alert and have a better chance to stay awake.

Choose Your Tunes Wisely

Turning on the radio can help you stay awake, but only if you are listening to the right music. Music can have a drastic impact on your physical being. In fact, it can even cause your heart rate to increase or decrease. That influence on your body is what can help you beat the drowsiness. If you begin to feel the effects of the dark of night, turn on music with a fast tempo. Think about it: people stay out dancing all night long, yet those same people would get quite sleepy at a card table or watching television in their living rooms. The music can pump you up and give you a boost of energy.

Avoid Big Meals, but Take the Cup of Coffee

Not only can caffeine give you a boost of energy, the act of going through a drive-thru and talking to someone else, even for only a moment, can revive you significantly and help you stay awake. However, don’t opt for one of the heavy, calorie-ridden meals because they can leave you feeling even more sluggish. Instead, get something light that will keep your body fueled without weighing you down.

We must reiterate one more time, if you are sleepy, even if you are only a few miles from your home in Pinellas County, please pull off the road, get to a place of safety, and rest. It is not worth risking your life or the lives of others. If you were involved in an accident related to drowsy driving, and you have suffered serious financial or physical damages, speak to a lawyer. You do have the right to seek compensation from the negligent party.