Why Do People Drive Under The Influence?

Why Do People Drive Under The Influence?

a-beer-in-a-pub-1171697-m (1)Within the past hour, someone died of an alcohol-related accident. At least one person dies per hour, on average, in this country. Another 60 are injured in a DUI-caused crash in that same time span, yet people are still insisting on getting behind the wheel while intoxicated and under the influence.

If you work in a rural area or live just minutes from work, you may not see a lot of traffic in a single day, but chances are good that, if you commute each day, you will pass at least 2,000 vehicles each week. One of those drivers, on average, will be illegally under the influence. Why is that person risking his or her life? Why is he or she taking a chance with yours?

There is no hard evidence, no study to report that tells exactly why a person would consume several alcoholic beverages and then leave a St. Petersburg bar with keys in hand.

Remember, even if you are lucky enough to make it home in one piece, should you hurt or kill another person because of your decision, you will be haunted by it for the rest of your life. You will very likely face a personal injury attorney in court, which means that you put your financial wellbeing on the line each time you drive drunk.

Yet, using deductive reasoning, it becomes a little clearer why people are so willing to roll the dice with their own lives.

Bad Judgment. Part of this decision-making can be blamed on the alcohol itself. Though it is a pretty poor excuse, there is some truth in the “I was drunk…” explanation when it comes to making choices.

Within our brain, located within the frontal lobe, there is an area that process neurotransmitters. There is no need to fully understand this biochemical process, but as an example, adrenaline is a neurotransmitter. In times of high stress or excitement, it will impact the brain and make a big difference in the decisions a person makes. Alcohol interferes with the processing of neurotransmitters, thereby impacting our ability to make rational decisions when intoxicated.

However, there is enough information available about the dangers of drunk driving to know that you must have a plan in place before entering a Saint Petersburg pub. Even if you only plan on having one drink, know what you will do if your plans change.

Guilt. Part of the reason for proper planning is to alleviate the risk of guilt getting in the way of proper decision-making. People, knowing they have had a little too much to drink, often feel guilty or ashamed to call and ask for help, particularly when it is late in the evening. Again, this isn’t really a very good excuse because a little forethought can prevent this altogether. When unusual circumstances do arise, remember your loved one would rather see you alive again than enjoy an uninterrupted sleep for one night. Can’t get a ride from a friend? Hire a cab. Stay with someone nearby. Get a hotel room. Walk to a safe place until you can find someone to give you a ride or until you are sober enough to safely make the trip home.

It is not worth risking your life, your well-being, your financial status, and those you love for a single night of fun. Enjoy your night out, but remember to plan ahead!