Prep Smart, Ride Smart: Bike Safety Tips for a Summer of Fun-filled Cycling

Prep Smart, Ride Smart: Bike Safety Tips for a Summer of Fun-filled Cycling

Personal InjuryRiding your bike can be one of the most invigorating and rewarding activities you can do. Whether you bike solo, with friends, family, or even join a bicycle riding club in St. Petersburg, biking is a great way to have fun, improve and maintain your health, and spend time with family and friends. Just need to keep in mind some bike safety tips to keep you from harm!

Biking is great for all ages, and a great way to spend time outdoors. Regardless of your biking style, biking can be fun for all levels, abilities, and goals. What’s more, getting your kids involved is a wonderful way to spend quality time in Saint Petersburg and instill positive, healthy habits they will enjoy throughout their lives.

Before you hit the road, however, it’s crucial you keep in mind several bike safety guidelines to proactively keep you and your loved ones happy, safe, and injury-free. You don’t want to have to contact a personal injury attorney to help you recover from an accident while riding your bike.

Here are a couple of bike safety tips you should always keep in mind!

Prep Smart

If your bike has been stored away for a while, a maintenance check and routine once-over will help you spot any potential need for repairs. Begin by dusting off your bike with a cloth or an old paintbrush. The activity will help you get reacquainted with your bike and focus on its components. Check the tires and inflate them to the pressure indicated on the side wall. Check for rot or worn areas.

Examine the bike for loose or damaged parts before heading out on St. Petersburg pathways. Make sure the seat is tight and positioned comfortably and the handlebars are secure. Since a dry chain will easily break, lube the chain.

Choose gear that will ensure your ride is safe and smooth. Your helmet, of course, is the most important piece of equipment you’ll need – and, in many places, helmets are often required by law for children – so getting the right helmet is not only important, it’s essential. Choose a helmet that is not too loose or too tight. It should fit about one inch above your eyebrows.

Always buckle the chin strap and make sure your vision isn’t impaired by an ill-fitting helmet. If riding with the family, set a good example for your kids and always wear your helmet. Pack along a water bottle to keep you hydrated and wear sunscreen to protect you from that bright Florida summer sun. Carry repair tools and install reflector lights for any night cruises.

Ride Smart

Observe riding rules. Many towns, including Saint Petersburg, offer bike safety classes to help you navigate bike paths, city streets, and trails. However, a few general rules apply everywhere. Yield to pedestrians and never wear earphones in both ears. Use caution and always pass on the left. If you pass others, communicate your intent with an audible device or a friendly voice.

Don’t block paths and yield at crosswalks or when entering and crossing paths. Use hand signals and observe all traffic rules and regulations. Be observant of your surroundings to avoid obstacles or accidents and always ride in the same direction as traffic.

Riding your bike can be one of the best activities you do. By following just a few practical bike safety tips, you can feel prepared to have a blast and enjoy a fun and rewarding activity. If you do happen to become involved in an accident, you can always consult a personal injury attorney if needed.