Semi Tractor Trailer Collision v. Pedestrian v. Alcohol Withdrawal? Haines City, FL

Semi Tractor Trailer Collision v. Pedestrian v. Alcohol Withdrawal? Haines City, FL

Yes, negligence can be caused by all kinds of things, radios, text messages. Today’s personal injury attorney blog is my first time reading about a semi tractor trailer crash involving a pedestrian which may have a contributing cause being “alcohol withdrawal.”

Willie Don Surles, 51, of Haines City was supposed to be safe in a hospital room. According to family members, he had suffered seizures due to alcohol withdrawal. Where he was found at around 4 a.m. on Monday morning was not in the hospital where he belonged, but on the side of the road after being hit by a tractor trailer.

According to deputies, a witness stated they saw a man running west across Highway 27 from what appeared to be a Publix parking lot. The witness saw the victim run straight into the direct path of the truck but did not witness the impact of the two.

It was not until later that day when a 56-year-old man was watching the news reports that he realized that he was the one whom had hit Surles with his tractor trailer. He told deputies he thought he hit some sort of object with his tractor trailer. It wasn’t until he heard it was a person that he came forward and reported it to the deputies. The sheriff’s office says the truck damage was consistent with evidence from the scene. Deputies say the driver is cooperating fully with the investigation.

Hospital officials say Surles pulled a knife on a nurse and ran out of the hospital. His life was abruptly ended when his escape landed him straight into the path of the tractor trailer.
According to Surle’s wife, she says the hospital should have done more to keep him safe. This does not look to me like a what I would consider a “strong” argument for liability on behalf of the hospital, but then, I don’t know a lot of details.

Regarding the collision, the report does bring up some other questions. I, like you, have a certain amount of skepticism every time a person says the hit someone and not know about it. In Florida, if you are involved in a car accident that injures a person or animal or results in damages to another person’s property, it is illegal to leave the accident scene without first calling police. It makes no difference that the accident was not intentional and the crime, called hit and run can result in serious consequences, ranging from high fines to prison time or both.

Hit and run laws differ by state of course. A first-time offender whose hit and run accident caused damage to another persons vehicle will usually be required to pay the victim for damages. This often is covered by a person’s insurance. In certain states such as Florida, where insurance points are assessed, a high number of points will be tacked on for hit and run accidents causing your insurance rates to sky rocket for years to come.

If you are injured by a hit and run driver, you can often get help from an experienced personal injury lawyer. Your injuries can be covered by the person who hit you, or by your own underinsured motorist coverage in your automobile policy. There are times where you can get more than your policy on one car as well.
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