Apps for Road Safety: There’s an App for That!

Apps for Road Safety: There’s an App for That!

yconco-techy-1381076-mThere are enough potential dangers in this world today.  Anything that can be used to mitigate some of the risk of being seriously injured or killed on Saint Petersburg highways, or any of the other roads in this country, is certainly worthwhile.  For that reason, several safety-conscious companies have developed smartphone apps for road safety meant to help motorists who are caught in a bind while traveling through this great nation.

AAA Roadside. When thinking about road safety, AAA will often be the first company that springs to mind.  They have not let their users down in the smartphone market either.  This app, which is one among many great apps for road safety and which is free, will automatically send GPS coordinates to the emergency team when help is requested by a driver. In addition to the obvious roadside benefits, there are also helpful travel-related in-app features.  Though this app is meant to further the service provided to AAA subscribers, there are features that can be enjoyed by those who are not members.

RepairPal. Unfortunately, as a personal injury attorney, I have learned all too well that many St.  Petersburg accidents are unavoidable.  As a driver, you cannot predict what others will do or when an unexpected vehicle failure will occur, so you cannot eliminate all risk of crashing.  However, RepairPal can make it easier to get the help you need to get your car back on the road when a collision, flat tire, or some other unexpected incident occurs.  It can assist in finding a reputable repair shop and will also provide a recommended price range for such a repair in your area.  As an added benefit, all repairs will be catalogued in the app.

iWrecked. So you had an accident and you aren’t quite ready to tackle the RepairPal app, because, well… you are flustered and scared and overwhelmed by the circumstances around you.  Where do you begin?  Even people who have studied what to do in the event of an accident can find it difficult to keep a clear head when such an incident actually occurs. Fortunately, there is an app for that as well.  iWrecked, one of several apps for road safety made for the iPhone, can actually act as a guide.  It can catalogue photos taken of the accident, provide a template for creating an accident report, help you locate local taxi and towing companies, and it has one-button calling to local authorities, emergency services, and insurance companies.  When all is said and done, the app can be used to print a very professional, organized PDF form of the accident report.

Though smartphones have earned a bad reputation on the road for distracting drivers and causing accidents, responsible users can actually enjoy their more safety-minded features when a crash occurs.  The ability to take photos and video, record audio, take notes, and call from an accident site is making it faster and easier for drivers to collect the information they need, so that, if necessary, they can meet with a personal injury attorney to discuss the possibility of collecting monetary damages to cover the costs of medical care and repairs.  Each of these headings links back to the Apple App Store; however, there are also many apps for road safety and car accident apps available for other mobile devices.