Traffic Signals And Speed Bumps In St. Pete

Traffic Signals And Speed Bumps In St. Pete

The Stormwater, Pavement and Traffic Operations Department is responsible for maintaining the traffic signal systems and roadways in St. Petersburg. Traffic signals and speed bumps are for the direct purpose of helping provide a safe and smooth traffic flow on and around streets and roadways. When traffic moves in orderly fashion, everything should flow smoothly and there shouldn’t be any problems, right? In an ideal world. We do not, however, live in an ideal world, and when accidents happen, that’s the time to call a personal injury attorney.


More than a dozen traffic signals are getting a makeover around Saint Petersburg. The artistically-designed wraps are thanks to the efforts of the Clearwater Arts Alliance. Some of the funding has been courtesy of the City Council, while others have been the recipients of grant monies slated for this project. Local artists Liz Smith, Tim Boatright, Don Gillespie, and Ray Paul are a few of those creating the tropical and floral designs. The Traffic Operations Manager for Clearwater reviews and gives the “green light” for which signals receive the beautification process.

Watch the following intersections for more colorful traffic signals to appear: Druid Road at Hercules Avenue, Clearwater Beach near Pier 60, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Street and Missouri Avenue, Fort Harrison at Jeffords, Drew Street at Osceola, Cleveland and Osceola, Sunset Point Road and Belleview Road, and State Road 580 at Countryside Blvd.


If you have traffic speeding through your residential area, you are likely concerned about the safety of children at play, as well as any elderly citizens that might take a little longer to cross a street. As well, pets that might untimely dart into the street are also a concern. Getting approval for a speed bump to be placed in your street can be a long process. First, neighborhood residents must circulate a petition and gather signatures to ensure a majority of the residents are in agreement. Neighborhood meetings should be held so that everyone has an opportunity to voice his/her opinion. Traffic studies will also need to be performed. Once all the proper procedures have been followed and the speed bump has been approved for installation, the process almost always goes forward and the speed bump will then be installed.


The SeeClickFix website covering St. Petersburg and Pinellas County offers a forum where residents can report traffic issues and concerns and have them addressed and “fixed.” You can report potholes, malfunctioning traffic signals, and other community issues, such as nuisance graffiti, along with concerns about potential businesses operating without a proper license. The Mayor’s Action Center seems to be on top of addressing problems when divulged through this website so it could be a useful tool.

Will the colorful traffic signal designs help reduce speeding violations? There aren’t any statistics on that yet, but it is possible that more attention could be drawn to them. Hopefully, people will pay more attention to the colors in the middle of the traffic signal than the aesthetic theme that frames them. In the meantime, our St. Petersburg intersections look more aesthetically pleasing now, don’t you think? If you are involved in a car accident, speak with a personal injury attorney to ensure all your rights are protected.