Vacation: Best Places to Safely Ride Bikes

Vacation: Best Places to Safely Ride Bikes

female-biker-1-388495-mIn the last post, I wrote about some of the great adventures that can be enjoyed by families in the United States.  However, some do not need to find new forms of excitement to stay entertained or active.  Avid bicycle riders have taken to trails, roads, and even small highways in an effort to explore the country by their own power. Today, for those looking to escape St. Petersburg for part of the vacation season, there are several parts of the country providing beautiful, scenic, and challenging rides for those wanting to safely ride bikes.

Bike the Grand Canyon. If great heights aren’t likely to turn your stomach, then maybe it is time for a trip to one of the world’s greatest natural attractions – the Grand Canyon.  Trails here will ride the base, the edge, and many surrounding areas to give a true cyclist a vacation to remember.  Just don’t look down!

A Taste of Nature in Vermont. Take a break and enjoy a bite of Vermont cheddar as you safely ride bikes through hundreds of miles of designated bike trails enjoying the trees, views of mountains, and small towns adored by Vermont residents.  There are plenty of quaint restaurants and diners to check out along the way, or you can simply pack a snack and enjoy the fresh air and beautiful sites as you stop on the side of the trail.

A Little Closer to Home, in SC. South Carolina is also known for some wonderful biking trails and it’s not quite so far from Saint Petersburg.  Gorgeous and welcoming inns provide a comfortable place to lay your head at night and support the biking community with well-kept bike racks just outside the front door.  Enjoy the plantations, islands, and other beautiful sites in this east coast cyclists’ heaven.

Bike Through the Glen. New York State is filled with parks and recreation areas.  They are also big supporters of people atop two wheels.  The Watkins Glen area is among the favorite locales for bicycle enthusiasts.  Enjoy views of the water and, of course, when the ride is done, you can sip one of the many available, local wines. (No drinking and riding!) The gorgeous vineyards, tree-covered embankments, and, of course, the Glen itself make this a ride to remember.

Napa Valley. While on the topic of vineyards and tasty glasses of wine, you might as well set your bike in the California wine center.  Here you will find some beautiful trails and roads to ride that will have you talking for months.  Another big perk for riders in this area is the assortment of hotels, motels, inns, and getaways.  There is always something to fit your tastes and your needs as you rest up for your next ride.

Cycling is a great way to view the world without engine noise, but it does come with some risks.  Beware that drivers are not always as cautious of cyclists as they should be.  If you are injured due to a driver’s negligence, you can consult a personal injury attorney.  However, even the best lawyer can’t give your life back.  Ride responsibly and enjoy the view!